Back to School Silent Auction

Collect Box Tops during a back to school silent auction

This back to school silent auction was inspired by my partnership with General Mills. While planning my back to school bake sale, I had another brilliant idea to collect oodles of Box Tops from individuals with Box Tops burning holes in their pockets. The aunts, uncles, grandparents, and ... [ Read More ]

Bonfire Cupcakes

Campfire cupcakes on top of a log cake stand for a bonfire bonanza #ShareFunsine

So I made these bonfire cupcakes back in... umm... June? It was whenever I made that freaking adorable burlap bonfire bonanza. You know the party I'm talking about, right? Of course you do because this isn't your first housewife rodeo. Except, it is. I have come to terms with just how vital ... [ Read More ]

Back to School Bake Sale

Selling cupcakes at a back to school bake sale for 3 Box Tops

This back to school bake sale was inspired by my partnership with General Mills. Just a few short years ago, I was a casual collector of Box Tops. You know, it was a good day if I remembered to clip the coveted pink label off of the box, but no harm, no foul if I forgot. Now that Michael is in ... [ Read More ]

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Playing with his Pop Up Shape Sorter while mommy gets some work done at her portable office

As part of a sponsored post for Socialstars, Playskool is helping me work smarter, not harder. #PLAYSKOOLCREW Do you ever have one of those days where you can't find a place to sit in the family room? A day where the toys begin creeping out of the toy compound- also known as the place feet go to ... [ Read More ]

Pink Flamingo Party

How to create a fun pink flamingo party

This pink flamingo party was inspired by my partnership with Mike's Hard Lemonade. Drink responsibly, ya lushes! You know that feeling when you start holding better conversations with people under the age of five? Yeah, me neither ... Motherhood hasn't consumed my social life or anything. I ... [ Read More ]

Back to School Party Decorations

Pencils wrapped around a roll of paper towel

Before I was a parent, I did back to school shopping the hard way. I scored fabulous deals, but I also chased penny deals at anywhere from 3-7 stores a week until the shopping season was over. It was intense. Now that I have actual children? Oh hecks naw! I'm not about jumping stores with two ... [ Read More ]