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Tales from a Horrible Housewife

Do you ever feel like you are a less than stellar mom or wife? Well,  I am here to tell you that looks can be deceiving.  The woman with a yard straight from the pages of Better Homes and Garden… is secretly a hoarder. The women making desserts that rival Martha Stewart… has dirty laundry up to her ceiling. And don’t get me started about the cooks you see on The Food Network! Those cooks haven’t cleaned their toilet in months!

Maybe this just explains my housewife blog, but if you could remotely relate to this full time housewife… you have found somewhere to belong! This is a place where mediocre is OK and stereotypical housewives are frowned upon, so embrace your flaws and pour some wine!


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Ideas for a black and gold sparkle party #WaterOnlyBetter

Black and Gold Sparkle Party

Party ideas to help you throw a fantastic black and gold sparkle party. And remember, there is no such thing as too much glitter and sparkling drinks!

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The food table at our Jake and the Neverland Pirates party was made to look like Bucky

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party

Party ideas, party games, and easy food to help you plan a fun Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed party for your puny pirate’s birthday.

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Hanging out in a 4moms rockaRoo in a gender neutral nursery with a jungle theme

Gender Neutral Nursery

Design ideas to help you plan a gender neutral nursery with a jungle theme. Including: a jungle mural, giraffe accents, and easy DIY projects.

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How to make a toy box bench over the stairs in a gender neutral nursery #MagicBabyMoments

DIY Toy Box Bench

Add a DIY toy box bench to your nursery with this easy, step by step tutorial. This project is a great way to utilize the awkward angle from a staircase.

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Recipe for ranch country marinade grilled chicken

Ranch Country Marinade Grilled Chicken

If you love to grill with your family during the summer, and you love easy chicken dinners, this Marinade Grilled Chicken recipe is perfect for you!

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Voices in your head banana bread for an Inside Out party #InsideOutEmotions

Inside Out Memory Orb Cake Stand

This tutorial will show you how to turn an old shoe box into a memory orb cake stand. It’s the perfect size to display cupcakes at an Inside Out party.

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Adding the cupcake toppers to the Inside Out cupcakes

Inside Out Cupcakes

If you are planning a Disney Pixar’s Inside Out party, be sure to save this tutorial for Inside Out cupcakes. It’s the perfect tutorial for movie lovers!

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How to throw a burlap and pink bonfire bonanza with bonfire cupcakes, hobo dinners, and a banana bar. #ShareFunshine

Bonfire Bonanza

Whether you are planning a backyard bonfire or a country chic wedding, this burlap and pink party plan is the perfect amount of rustic and classy.

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Fill eggs with paint so the kids can throw them at their canvas

Tie Dye Party

Tie dye party decorations and activities that will keep your toddler aged children entertained and having fun without covering themselves in paint.

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How to throw an Inside Out party #InsideOutEmotions

Inside Out Party

If you loved Disney’s Inside Out, you will enjoy this Inside Out party plan. It’s full of cute ideas to help toddlers express their emotions with toys.

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A happy couple thinks they are pregnant with their third baby

That Time I Was Almost Pregnant

If you know your body well enough, and you track your basal body temperature, you will most likely figure out you are pregnant before your missed period.

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1 in 3 women deal with incontinence, so why don't we talk about it more

When Incontinence Meets Confidence

Incontinence, also known as light bladder leakage, shouldn’t affect your confidence. Find out how I remain confident with the help of Poise Thin-Shape pads.

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Using a knife to create waves on the ocean cupcakes

Ocean Cupcakes

Dress up your next luau party with a batch of ocean cupcakes. Add an ocean wave cupcake wrapper and you have the perfect cupcake without breaking the bank.

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Pair a bacon and feta cheese stuffed burger with a side of green beans garnished with bacon and peppercorn feta cheese

Bacon and Feta Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Peppercorn feta cheese gives these bacon and feta cheese stuffed burgers a tangy twist. Top the stuffed burger with a few slices of swiss cheese and enjoy!

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Before and after picture of a baby with a formula allergy rash

My Baby Has a Formula Allergy

If you think your baby’s bloody stools and rashes are being triggered by a formula allergy, you might want to switch to a hypoallergenic formula.

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How to make a Thor Hammer out of period pads #RecycleYourPeriodPad

DIY Thor Hammer

Creating this funny DIY Thor Hammer for your best Thor loving girlfriend is guaranteed to get people talking about light bladder leakage.

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Turning sugar cookies into Caramel Apple Wine Glaze Cookies

Caramel Apple Wine Glaze Cookies

These wine glaze cookies are the perfect amount of sweet for a sugar cookie. All you need is a caramel apple wine glaze, caramel drizzle, and sugar cookies.

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The lock screen on the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176CX-A1-WH)

Asus MeMO Pad 7

Find out how we use the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176CX-A1-WH) in our home, and what we think of the specs for this 7 inch value tablet.

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Managing light bladder leakage with Poise Thin-Shape pads #RecycleYourPeriodPad

Leaky Bladder Confessions

I have a confession, I am a twenty something, second time mom with a leaky bladder. I am no stranger to light bladder leakage and it’s okay.

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Easy food ideas for an orange and yellow sunshine party #WhereFunBegins #Ad

Sunshine Party

Celebrate your little one’s birthday party or your next summer get together with this yellow and orange sunshine party plan.

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Arbor Mist is a great, light drink for any backyard patio party #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

Patio Party

From decorating a festive party, to whipping up the easiest lime chicken recipe, I have the best tips to help you plan a simple backyard patio party.

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Two brothers, one bottle, and endless blowouts #CVSHuggiesHeroes #ad

When Life Hands You Poop

We’ve all experienced a diaper blowout full of baby poop. Believe it or not, even parents of multiples get pooped on by their babies.

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High impact, feminine Mother's Day party ideas. #BestMomsDayEver #ad

Mother’s Day Party

Tips for throwing together a simple Mother’s Day party using bright, bold colors and flowers. This party plan also includes a few DIY decorations.

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How to decorate a tropical vacation party

Tropical Vacation Party

Here are some easy party ideas to help you plan your next tropical vacation party. Ideas like ocean cupcakes, coconut centerpieces and tropical decorations.

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