Back Away From the Chocolate

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You know how dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate right?  Well can that same rule apply to babies almost toddlers?

I have a fabulous friend, Lauren, and she got me that best chocolate in the world for my birthday.  You would think that she was trying to seduce me by gifting this rich and decadent goodness that is Godiva chocolate but I promise you that she wasn’t… this time! (Oh boy will she kill me if she ever sees that blatant lie!)

I became engrossed in work yesterday, because social media is just that interesting, and Michael sniffed out my chocolate stash like a little puppy!  He unwrapped my chocolate bar and had started gnawing on it with his 7 little teeth.  Chocolatey goodness all over his lips and the evidence in his hand didn’t help his case.  I guess I was lucky that I didn’t find it melted in between the cushions or rubbed into the carpet.  Daddy Michael would have tanned my hide when he got back from his work trip if that would have happened! (Not in a good way either!)

I squealed and I got up from my chair and started to chase him.  That little bugger is so quick and only falters when he looks behind him to see if I am still chasing him.  “Mine, mine, mine!” 

I think it was his backhanded way of telling me I had too many birthday sweets over the weekend and I was packing on the pounds.  Or perhaps he just wanted me to know that he is sick of cereal and fruit.  Maybe it was payback for giving him a bath or waiting too long to change his poopy diaper?  All I know is that I learned my lesson and Godiva will now be stored with my valuables.

What do you value as much as I value my Godiva?

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