From Plastic Tub to Garlic Garden

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I can promise you that there are no vampires in our house with the amount of garlic that we consume. I hate running out of garlic and I really, really hate buying garlic since it is a plant that I should be able to grow myself- right? I guess I could kill it but my green onions did good!

My Mom bought potato salad for Michael’s birthday party and it came in this 5 pound container. When she was helping me keep the kitchen clean she recycled all of my craft items that were on the counter so I am sort of starting over now. :(

I was a little annoyed but she washed my dishes four times in two days so I really couldn’t complain much. I told her, “Are you kidding me? Of course I am keeping that!”

I really LOVE spray paint so outside I went with the only color I had in my house, green. I learned from my previous spray painting craft that slow and light coats is the way to go! It only took three coats to cover the writing on the tub.

Next I needed some holes for the water to drain out so I grabbed the drill. Silly me, didn’t put a drill bit on it because it was just plastic and I got my pee pee whacked hard when Michael caught me!

HIM “What are you doing?”
ME “Putting holes in this.”
HIM “You are supposed to use a drill bit!”
ME “I am already done.”
HIM “I am running out of good ones without you putting holes in plastic!”
ME “It’s no big deal.”

Clearly I should have been faster so I didn’t get caught. I am slacking in my old age. :)

I love these beauties! Painters make my life easy and make it look like I have better penmanship than I actually do. It really is pretty terrible but my crafts somehow turn out OK. At least I think they do? 

I will let you know if this works out because you should plant your own garlic too. Oh I have to mention that this project cost $0 since I already had the Painters, spray paint and the tub was garbage. Think about that one next time you want to toss a perfectly good container!


27 Flares Twitter 2 Facebook 0 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 22 StumbleUpon 1 Email -- 27 Flares ×


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