Sausage & Yellow Pepper Skewers

Sausage, onion and yellow pepper skewers

I had this idea for a yellow birthday party that consisted of yellow sangria and yellow decorations, just to name a few. I even wore a yellow shirt to my soiree! It's one of those shirts that no matter how bloated you feel you look MARvelous in! Every woman has a shirt like that and you know what my ... [ Read More ]

Green Party Decorations From Limes

Using lime and garlic scapes to decorate a green themed party

How many different party decorations can I make with food? As many colors as there are in the rainbow of course! I have my go to vases for my decorations. I will buy foods that fit the theme and Viola! I get some pretty odd combinations but they seem to work. Have you checked out my lemon ... [ Read More ]

Hoarding in the Name of Crafting at it’s Finest

No, I don't have time to organize that close. I'm too busy pinning organization ideas on Pinterest.

My name is Mallery and I am a recycling hoarder! I wish I was joking but the frugalista inside of me cries a little when I have to recycle something that I could use for a craft. I have even gone so far as to hide it from Michael before I take it upstairs to my closet of shame. Him "Babe do you ... [ Read More ]

The Secret Sisterhood of Bloggers

So little space, so much to bitch about card

I need to get sappy for a minute here. I will be done with my monthly bleed by the end of this post so hang tight. We all love swag, money and recognition but there are a few more rewarding aspects in this Mom Blogger thing. Actually, the juicy goodness of what I do isn't even about that unless ... [ Read More ]

A Mom’s Life is Rated R Because of Poopy Breasts

My blog is rated R

One of my Blogger friends shared this fun little quiz with me and for shits and giggles I plugged in Mallery's Deals and got a rated R! Wahhh??? I was rated R back in May because of these words: poop (6x), dangerous (4x), breast (3x), kill (2x) and bomb (1x). This is a frugal living blog that talks ... [ Read More ]

2-1 Nap Transition Fake Out

I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.

I have a love-hate relationship with nap time because I really just want Michael to sleep so I can be left alone to eat my bon bons, drink wine and watch Sandra Lee's cooking shows. You know, because that is what everyone thinks that I do during the day. "Well she doesn't clean so I really don't ... [ Read More ]