2-1 Nap Transition Fake Out

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I have a love-hate relationship with nap time because I really just want Michael to sleep so I can be left alone to eat my bon bons, drink wine and watch Sandra Lee’s cooking shows. You know, because that is what everyone thinks that I do during the day. “Well she doesn’t clean so I really don’t know what she does!”

Hold the phone jerk! <~~ Me being PG-13

If nap time is a failure then by the end of the day I usually am looking for the next bus to the funny farm! When Michael gets home from work I have been known to say, “Just take him! Go to the gym, go anywhere but just go so I can be alone!”

Luckily those days have been few and far between because Baby Michael runs a tight nap ship. He usually wants to sleep every two hours and will let you know if you are off by 15 minutes. One weekend naps hit the fan and it has been one hell of a roller coaster as I try to figure him out again! Schedule changes are not my style; says the person who schedules grocery shopping and TV with the Hubs. I was LIVID the Saturday of said weekend. Oh hell was I hot!

Michael took the baby to the gym and then to his Dad’s house so they were gone for HOURS without a nap. I was getting work done and everything was honky-dory but little did I know what was really going on. He came home and screamed for a good 30 minutes in his crib because he was so overtired. I was like Cyclops because the flames from my eyes seared all of the hair from Michael’s very hairy monkey body. “You didn’t follow his schedule so you need to get-him-out-of-here!!”

One nap was a beautiful thing for us because we were sleeping in until 9am and getting a hefty 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. That was until he decided to start waking up before 8am and screwing everything up, yet again! He does realize that he isn’t a woman right? Boys are not supposed to be so indecisive like girls are.

I think this is where I am supposed to give some morsel of advice for anyone who has stumbled upon this post from Google. You are a slave to your 1 year old so get used to it! They say food, you feed. They say poop, you change them. That day where they are fed, not sick and not teething means that they could be ready to drop their final nap. Get to know their cries because then you will have a better idea of what is wrong.

I long for the days where we sleep in until 9am again. A girl can hope but it probably isn’t coming back.

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