Cute {I Love You This Much} Hand Print Card

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I don’t know how this craft got lost in my craft folder because it is too cute and I made it a month ago for Father’s Day but it did. I was surfing Pinterest and found this adorable craft that I just HAD TO DO! I like hers better because she used better looking letters and double sided scrapbook paper. BUT it still turned out darling so I am not complaining and neither did Daddy Michael.

First you trace your child’s hand prints out. This is easier said than done with an 11 month old. I had to put him in his high chair and give him food to eat so that he was distracted feeding himself with one hand while I traced the other; Moms are tricky people! Pick a paper and cut out your hands.

I also cut a piece of blue in a rectangle that was about 1 inch wide for the accordion inside. If you want to write something else on the inside then you just make it longer. This card is too simple not to make it your own!

I picked a glue stick for this project because I love them, they are strong and they don’t leave lines. After I glued the inside and the outside together I glued my accordion on the inside of the hand.

These were the letters that I had at home so this is what I had to work with for this card. I think the letters make it nicer so I recommend using cool letters. This project was so flippin’ easy that anyone can do it! It is a card that anyone would love to get because it is so personal. I mean, who doesn’t say, “I love you thiiiiisss much?”

86 Flares Twitter 1 Facebook 0 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 82 StumbleUpon 1 Email -- 86 Flares ×


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