Crab Cake Cups

Quick recipe allowing you to turn a crab cake appetizer into a crab cake cup for an easy party food.

Michael ADORES crab cakes but they are so dang labor intensive that I try to reserve them for once a year activities, like his birthday. I dislike the smell of fried food before my parties. I am more than okay living without burnt fingertips. And I sure as heck have plenty of other things I could be ... [ Read More ]

I’ve Been Abducted by Star Wars

DIY Star Wars burp cloths

I did the unthinkable this weekend... I didn't work much, outside of some emails. I don't know how much I really enjoy not working but I am still alive and kickin'. In fact, all that I developed was a slight twitch from my addiction withdraws. My dorky, yellow beaver blogging friends are the only ... [ Read More ]

Your What is Pierced?

Horrible housewife enjoys wine outside.- horrible housewife photo shoot

I came up with a theme for my Horrible Housewife photo shoot before it even started. Did you guess WINE? You sure are some good mind readers! Are you really surprised though? During my housewife picture research I found plenty of horrible housewifes with cigarettes in their mouths but not much ... [ Read More ]

Accept Your Body & Drink More Wine

Mommy drinks wine while holding child.

I am pretty sure that this picture falls into the CPS getting called on me category just like my empty Xanax bottle picture did. It is just one of the many solid shots from the Horrible Housewife photo shoot this past weekend. I think the photo shoot really taught me that you need to accept your ... [ Read More ]

Horrible Housewife is Getting a Makeover!

Horrible Housewife Facebook button- 250

Be prepared for some hilarious changes to the website coming soon; like this photo that happens to be over there ~~>. I'm sorry but that is funny! You see, wearing pearls with my Facebook panties means I am a classy lady. Yup... it doesn't get much classier than this. Horrible Housewife is ... [ Read More ]

The Blowout of the Century

Baby poop on the back of the couch

So this happened today. This also just happened to be the third time he pooped today. Really kid? Who poops three times in one day? I am lucky to poop twice a week so he must have gotten that skill from his father! This wasn't just a blowout, it was a tsunami of feces! I mean shit ... [ Read More ]