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Sep 05

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I Fail at Growing Potatoes Indoors

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I was not successful at growing potatoes indoors and I am not surprised. I cut the potatoes so that they would callus before planting them and I regret doing that because they rotted and I currently have a bunch of rotting potatoes on my window sill. Perhaps I was just thinking that the potato fairy would come by and POOF take away the mold spots? I don’t freaking know what I am waiting for! Maybe for Michael to yell at me for moldy food?

RIP Potato Sprout 6/2012-8/2012

Please share a moment of silence for my cute little potato sprout because she didn’t make it full term. “I cherished you every moment of our 1.5 month journey together. I loved you so. Your sole purpose in life was to grow me some taters so that I could have free food. I didn’t mean to kill you and your cousin, red potato, is going to make you proud as we try this whole process again.”

When I was looking at the potatoes I did see one that wasn’t all moldy so I think I can still give this batch a try! The only reason that I can see that it didn’t rot was because the inside of the potato was facing down. Soo… now I need to find a pot and get this sucker in the ground before it gets moldy too!

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My name is Mallery and I am a recovering workaholic. I curse like a sailor. I'm a mix of obsessive and awkward. I talk about bowel habits more than I should and I enjoy wine, gaming, and tattoos.

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  1. Lena

    WOW – that is quite a skill – you managed to grow moldy potatoes. I am officially impressed. But think about all the penicillin
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    Mallery Reply:

    HAHA I can teach you how to do it too at a low fee of $100/hr. :)


  2. Kate

    I know the pain of rotten potatoes! My first foray into growing potatoes grew absolutely nothing! Planted 10, only to have lots and lots (and lots more) of rain that everything rotted! It was a bitter dissapointment.

    I’ve since learned to wait till the rainy season is over. :)


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