{Tutorial} Star Wars Tutu

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Star Wars tutu tutorial

I have been putting off this Star Wars tutu tutorial for a few weeks because I am a total slacker. (Try saying Star Wars tutu tutorial five times fast!) My sister was over last night so I finally decided to bite the bullet and just make the darn tutu! Let me just start by saying there are 100 million tutu tutorials on the web and you traditionally see tulle used because it is easier; not to mention that tulle makes a fuller tutu. I’m going against the grain by showing you how I made it work with fabric, I adapted my tutu from this tutu tutorial.

Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Star Wars tutu crafting supplies

The proper tools make all the difference in this project.

  1. Fiskars rotary cutter– I have a crush on this tool! Why didn’t you guys pipe up about how awesome a rotary cutter is earlier? I will never use scissors to cut fabric again!
  2. Self healing cutting mat– I got this in art school and it is useful for any type of cutting. You NEED one!
  3. T-square– I can’t do anything straight to save my life so a t-square is my secret weapon. I also use this amazing for everything!
Pick a normal fabric and something that isn’t a fabric for your tutu. I’m sure that doesn’t make sense to people who don’t think like me so let me try again. You can use a fabric, like my Star Wars print, but your tutu won’t have any volume if you do the whole thing in it. My second fabric was something between a traditional print and a tulle. Organza, maybe?

I read a lot of tutorials and they all said to tie your knot like the one in the post. OK genius, you need to explain what that means a little better. Then I found this tutu tutorial and she showed me a slip knot. Ding, ding, ding- we have a winner!

I found that 1.5 x 12 inch strips work the best for the fabric because it doesn’t knot as well as the tulle. I used 15 x 12 inch pieces for the star fabric so I could get a bunched up look. Why did I pick 12 inches? I figured that 6 inches would be a good length for a newborn tutu. I will tell you if that is way off as soon as she pops that baby out. :)

Back to the knot though… I thought it looked better when it had the loop in the front, like a tie, and the tails in the back.

Let me explain before you freak out and think this is the worst Star Wars tutu tutorial in the world! The back is done like this on purpose. The whole tutu is a guesstimate because I don’t know if she is going to come out a chunker or come out a twig. For the sake of Rachael’s vagina, I hope she is a twig. :)

I cut a 1 x 24 inch piece of Star Wars fabric for the ‘belt’ part. I am now able to take fabric off if Leah is tiny and if Leah is chubby then the Star Wars tutu won’t be too small. It’s a win-win!

I think it brings together Star Wars and girlie perfectly! I have a couple more Star Wars tutus that I am going to make her for their family photos!

Your Mind is Officially Blown!

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