My Favorite Keyword Searches of 2012

Horrible Housewife 2012 Keywords Search Terms

The keyword searches that bring people to Horrible Housewife are HORN-larious! <~ That word will make sense in a minute. Let me start things off and keep things clean by sharing some of the 'normal' keyword searches I get. Michaleen Schensky Star Wars baby shower Horrible ... [ Read More ]

Wine with Mallery- Merry {Late} Christmas!

Wine with Mallery- Trader Joe's 2011 Charles Shaw Shiraz

Day 24 of Wine with Mallery is finally upon us and is a total slackers unite kind of post! I figured I wouldn't suck so hard if I got a late Christmas post up, versus no Christmas post at all. Whatever makes me feel better about myself, right? I super, duper, promise the video has something ... [ Read More ]

Wine with Mallery- Why I Fail at Christmas

Wine with Mallery- Trader Joe's 2011 J.W. Morris Moscato

Day 23 of Wine with Mallery is finally upon us! This is going to be a true Whine Wine with Mallery as I explain to you why I failed at Christmas this year. I sucked so hard that Michael's well has officially run dry! That right there is pretty freaking sucktastic! Wine with Mallery cliff notes ... [ Read More ]

Wine with Mallery- ♪♫ I Like Big Butts ♪♫

Wine with Mallery- Trader Joe's Dr Beckermann Piesporter Michelsberg

Day 22 of Wine with Mallery is way late but I am sure you understand. I mean, it was Christmas. I was without a computer for a very long time. I was also supposed to interact with my family. I would just like to say that I successfully interacted with all family members this Christmas! Now go grab ... [ Read More ]

Show This to Your Man if You Want More Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie at Victoria's Secret #cbias

Fellas, lets talk a minute about something I call a lingerie win-win situation. Do I have your attention? Good. Lingerie is the answer to EVERYTHING! There are very few women on this planet who will say they don't want any lingerie if you give them the go ahead to make a sassy purchase. There ... [ Read More ]

Wine with Mallery- The Navy Comes to Town

Wine with Mallery- Trader Joe's 2010 Chiusa Grande Tommolo Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Day 21 of Wine with Mallery and you guys are getting a short, hilarious video! (Sort of like Michael... ba-dum-tshh! Totally kidding guys! Or am I?) It's only 7 minutes long and I pinky promise you will laugh your bum off! Laugh it off, shake it like a salt shaker, whatever works for you. I need ... [ Read More ]