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Dec 04

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Wine with Mallery- Cookies, Godzilla & Weight Loss?

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Wine with Mallery

What did I learn with this installment of Wine with Mallery? I am so flipping random sometimes most of the time! Seriously, it’s no wonder I take forever to compose a blog post because BECAUSE is my favorite flippin‘ word. You are in for a very monotone video and a crap ton of becauses. Maybe you will find some humor in the fact that I am constantly changing the subject? Perhaps it will make you laugh AT ME, not with me? I’m cool with whatever as long as you are laughing!

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

  • Godzilla
  • Cookies
  • Crunches
  • Big red fire truck
  • Princess hair piece from Sears
  • Random much?

Wine with Mallery- LaGranja 360 Tempranillo

2011 La Granja Tempranillo

Don’t let the #yardpig and the screw top fool you, this is a good wine. I will be perfectly honest with you (When am I not?) and tell you that this is the first time I have ever had a Tempranillo. Shocking? Maybe, maybe not.

This wine doesn’t have much of a nose so hopefully you aren’t a bigger sniffer. It has a dark berry flavor to it while still being a light bodied wine.

Sorry the video sucked so bad tonight! I shouldn’t stay up until 3:30 am if I want to function the next day. :)

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About the author


My name is Mallery and I am a recovering workaholic. I curse like a sailor. I'm a mix of obsessive and awkward. I talk about bowel habits more than I should and I enjoy wine, gaming, and tattoos.

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  1. Christy

    OMG dieing at the randomness that was tonight. Roar!
    Christy recently posted..Photo Shoot With Bubby…Not So Wordless WednesdayMy Profile


    Mallery Reply:

    When all else fails, ROAR!


  2. Emily

    how funny that it has a pig on the label, lol.
    Emily recently posted..HGG: Personalized Fisherman Sweater ReviewMy Profile


  3. Denise G

    Love the review. I like that the wine has a berry flavor! Not sure about the label. I think they could have done a better job on that – although I do see the humor in it. I can’t imagine putting it on the table for a romantic dinner LOL
    Denise G recently posted..Toilet Tree Products – Straight Point Stainless Steel Tweezers & Nail Clipper with Nail File and Pouch Set (Review)My Profile


  4. Samantha K

    That is so random and funny!! Love the excuses bit :)


  5. Ronni Keller

    I’m totally back. Why not, right? I’m hanging in with ya here… Kinda dig you.
    Oh Heeeyyy… BTW – look down there. See that ‘Last post thingy’ that shows up? Mine’s a recipe for Chicken Marsala… That’s how I ‘review’ wine I don’t want to drink cuz wasting wine = a crime.
    I had my 1st Tempranillo last month! LAST MONTH… crazy, you’d think I would have downed a dozen by now…. the review is somewhere on the blog, blob, glob as well. Kinda ‘meh’… I made skirt steak with it ‘cuz I found a waaaay better bottle of whit to swallow. I think I need to start doing these. Maybe call it ‘Juice of the Day’.. ?? IDK.
    Guess who’s rambling now :)
    Ronni Keller recently posted..Chicken Marsala Recipe – Easy, Elegant & Extremely Yummy!My Profile


  6. La Granja 360

    Hi Mallery! From La Granja 360 we just wanted to tell you we loved your post & review, very glad you liked our flying pig Tempranillo wine! @Denise La Granja 360 Tempranillo Garnacha, our zebra wine, is much more suitable for a romantic dinner 😉



    Mallery Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the randomness that is this housewife. :)


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    […] you of drain cleaner.I have to be honest and say that I only bought the zebra bottle because the bottle with a pig on it was a decent bottle of wine. This Tempranillo Garnacha has a deep black cherry color with […]

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