Wine with Mallery- Lactation Cookies, Deo Perfume Candy & More!

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Wine with Mallery

Holy smokes, it is day 6 of this Wine with Mallery Advent Calendar! Raise your hand if you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. *Waves her hand in the air like she just don’t care!* I took a much needed nap this afternoon and woke up with a crap ton of emails and a couple deadlines that need to happen ASAP! Never fear, I will never leave you without your daily dose of randomness.

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

Wine with Mallery- Lactation Cookies

Lactation Cookies

It turns out my sister doesn’t actually want to stop breastfeeding, apparently, it was just a bad day in breastfeeding paradise. She has picked herself back up, dusted herself off and is now trying to increase her milk production. To maintain my super sister status, I made her a batch of lactation cookies! Nom, nom, nom, nom.

Lactation cookies take a minute to get used to because they use steel cut oats, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal instead of traditional oatmeal ingredients. I ate these bad boys like they were going out of style when I was trying to increase my milk production, with positive results! We will get those milk jugs overflowing again! Wine with Mallery- DEO Perfume Candy

Deo Perfume Candy

It’s no lie, I don’t shower daily. Sometimes I don’t even shower every other day! I know, it’s awful and smelly. There is this clever candy on the market called Deo Perfume Candy, it makes you smell like roses; or it makes you wake up and smell the roses. Err…

In all seriousness, Deo Perfume Candy is sort of like a a cough drop; you suck on it a lot longer than a typical piece of hard candy. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews saying that it tastes like flowers, I just don’t agree with them. It tastes sweet, like candy should taste, it lasts a long time, but the true test… did it make me smell like roses? All I smelled was the overwhelming stench of my armpits. 😉 Wine with Mallery- J.W.Morris Riesling 2011

Trader Joe’s J.W. Morris Riesling 2011

This Riesling surprised me because it wasn’t overly sweet. I’m not into really sweet wines because they force me to brush my teeth way before I feel like I should. The J.W. Morris Riesling had a fruity, with a hint of apple nose; it is very smooth and has a light finish. Personally, I think this is a light bodied wine.

With a price of $3.99, this will be a staple in my wine cellar! Yum-my!

Wine Word of the Day

Barnyard – You will often hear people describe a wine as having barnyard aromas or related terms like “horsey, manure, animal, etc.” This literally means there are aromas that smell a bit stinky. However, this isn’t always a bad thing! You’d be surprised but many people like a little stink in their wines, adding to the complexity. Too much may be off-putting, but a bit can be nice.

 I received DEO Perfume Candy in order to facilitate my review. All opinions, video, pictures and experiences are my own. {Instagram!}

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