Is Your Man Obsessed with Shaving Brushes?

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Let me start this off by saying that I didn’t even know there was such a thing as shaving brushes badger. Say whaaaat? You mean to tell me Facebook isn’t the only news source out there? What about Twitter? C’mon, Twitter has to count for something! And all this time I thought social media + 18 month old = life.

There might not be shaving brushes in our house, but there is a hair brush

Michael might not be obsessed with shaving brushes, but he is totally obsessed with brushing his hair to prevent male baldness. No joke! This man has a blanket of hair covering his body and is still worried about going bald! Do you think balding is the ego equivalent of stretch marks for a woman?

I do.

The simple truth is that balding African-American men look cool when they shave their heads, whereas balding white men look like giant thumbs. -Dave Barry 

One of the good things about not waking up until 10:00AM is Michael getting to do his weird morning routine without interruptions. (Little Michael, my alarm clock, is on this random 12-14 hour sleep schedule right now and I can’t say I am complaining!)  He might not use shaving brushes, but he does have a borderline OCD routine.

  1. Check his phone while laying in bed.
  2. Put on his Star Trek robe and go downstairs.
  3. Start his pot of coffee (That he will drink himself.)
  4. Pee… for 10 minutes! This man’s bladder is gigantic!
  5. Get on his computer while his coffee brews.
  6. Grab a cup of coffee, put ice cubes in it, and take it upstairs to the bathroom.
  7. Set the coffee down on MY sink and get coffee rings on MY sink while he showers.
  8. When he gets out of the shower he brushes his hair and starts his shaving routine.

There aren't any shaving brushes in our daily shaving routine

A good lather is half the shave. -William Hone 

Please raise your hand if you have ever met a man who is able to clog the drain without the help of a woman’s hair. *Waves arms violently in the air* Michael is hairy enough to clog the drains without my help, in fact, he put a hole in the pipes while trying to snake out his drain. Ha! At least I don’t have to clean the hair babies out of the drains and I don’t clean the sinks. I don’t really do much in the maintenance department, but you know that already. :)

I asked Michael once if I could shave his face and he didn’t bat an eye before telling me NO! What the heck, man? I said he could shave my legs if he let me shave his face and he still said NO. Apparently ’til death do us part’ didn’t include shared shaving. Oh well…

This is a sponsored post, however, all the views and pictures are my own.

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    Shaving brushes are the best. You should surprise your hairy husband with one. Of course, this is coming from a guy who fully admits that the Art of Shaving store is my kriptonite. One of their stores is about a block from my work and I have spent more time there than I’d like to admit.

    The badger hair brushes are great for working the shaving lather into your skin. It doesn’t matter if you use shaving gel (which I prefer) or if you spend way too much on fancy soap. Using the brush makes all the difference if you want to look better than Ryan Gosling.

    +1 to you for the Dave Barry quote. And +1 to your husband for having a Star Trek robe.
    Dan recently posted..Start Your Day with Some Delicious Pear Cranberry SconesMy Profile

    • 14


      So, shaving brushes = Ryan Gosling? I could live with that!

      Some hot broad bought him that Star Trek robe so I would have to indulge his nerd fantasy daily. 😉

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