Stress Eating = Weight Gain

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Stress eating causes weight gain and bloating

Stress eating blows! That’s just a fact of life. I don’t know about you, but I have this insatiable love affair with carbs, especially pizza, when stress comes out to play. I totally had my cake and ate it too last week because it made me feel good! How did I justify my bad girl eating habits? I’m glad you asked the million dollar question! I declared last week a diet cheat week for all of the housewives living in the land of wine, cooking shows, and bon-bons! The paparazzi even spotted me dancing around the fire with tubs of ice cream, singing Ice Cream on the Beach. It was pretty gosh darn good time!

Ps: There is a giveaway at the end of this post that requires you to watch the video!

How is Progresso helping me with stress eating? Guilt free stress eating with Progresso Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese soup #ProgressOh!

I don’t know many women who don’t find comfort in a bowl of creamy potato soup. (Don’t you dare ruin my fantasy and tell me you don’t stress eat the crap out of potato soup!) What is it about potato soup that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside? Maybe it’s the fresh bread bowl with gooey cheese on top? Maybe it’s the large chunks of the best food known to man, bacon? Who knows! Some girls eat ice cream when they are going through a breakup and some girls get down on pizza and potato soup!

I’m thinking I should have a depressed girl stockpile of Progresso comfort foods in my cupboard! Ha! What I need to do is ensure this week has triple the amount of Oh! moments to make up for this very ‘meh’ week in the Oh! department. I think I will talk to Michael and make sure he is on the same Oh! moment page!

  • Oh! I am toning this bod up!
  • Oh! I do look fabulous!
  • Oh! Why yes, those are my guns!
  • Oh! … fill in the blank! 😉

This week has been a hiccup in the road and I can’t be too upset that I gained 1 pound despite eating pizza, cookies, and McDonald’s; not going to the gym, and sitting on my duff working whenever I could.

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  1. 14

    Toni Cosgrove says

    You have been taking care of a kid with whooping cough and haven’t been to the gym….times do get better though…honest

  2. 15

    Nicole Sender says

    You were stressed because your son got whooping cough, you stayed home, you didn’t get to the gym and you ate McDonalds, pizza & cookies.

  3. 20

    Julie Thompson says

    A son who was sick with the whooping cough. Sorry to hear that I hop he get’s better. Thanks for the giveaway

  4. 31

    Becky Bryant says

    Your son was sick with the whooping cough therefore you had stress with that and couldn’t go work out and that helped to add more stress. Plus, you couldn’t eat well because of the sickness in your home.

  5. 36

    Nicole James says

    The stress came from your son being sick, not being able to work or workout, and the stress of stressing!

  6. 56

    Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Your son was very sick – I know how stressful that can be! Mine was been hospitalized twice with pneumonia.

  7. 62

    Wendy Mastin says

    Michael got whopping cough. I am 53 years old and had whooping cough last summer and it was 6 weeks before I could go back to work and 6 months until I quit coughing. I had it really bad. Good Luck to you

  8. 65

    Michael Jones says

    dealing with a child sick with whooping cough(I didn’t realize people still got that) can’t be easy Kudos to you making it through


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