Adults Only JENGA… No Kids Allowed

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Adults only... no kids allowed during a game of JENGA Boom {Horrible Housewife}

Don’t let this kid friendly topic fool you. JENGA is definitely an adults only sort of thing. I will cut you if you even look like you are about to shake the table during my turn! Cut you! And you thought the way I played Monopoly was bad…

Why is JENGA Boom an adults only game?

This is why JENGA Boom is an adults only... no kids allowed game. {Horrible Housewife}

  • I don’t need help making the above picture happen.
  • I swear… a lot! Let me paint a picture for you. I don’t say sugar bunny or baby when I’m playing a game with Michael. The nicest thing you are going to get out of my mouth is, “are you stupid? You must be stupid! Really?”
  • I try to get my opponents blitzed so I have an advantage over their weakened state of awareness. You know this is my go-to when I play games.
  • I get tunnel vision and I would stomp on my kid’s face if he got too close. JENGA is that intense.
  • And… umm… I might think the timer is a good length of time for Michael to realize he is wrong in an argument.   So what if I explode daily weekly. Anyone who stays home with a small child DESERVES to blow up in the presence of their spouse. :)

Adults only... no kids allowed time bomb {Horrible Housewife}

“Michael says I’m a time bomb; however, I disagree.”

Are you ready for the JENGA Boom giveaway?

One of you stinkers are going to win your very own adults only game. (JENGA Boom isn’t really an adults only game. It only becomes an adults only game when you play for blood.) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a copy of JENGA Boom in order to facilitate my review. All opinions and crazy rants are my own.

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  1. 28

    Jenn says

    We are so into beat the parents and headbandz this game seems like it would ramp up my anxiety level but so worth the fun!

  2. 33

    Erin E says

    I always loved to play Life and also the original Jenga. I’m terrible at both, but they were fun!
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

    Erin E
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  3. 49

    Robby Rob says

    used to love playing Monopoly and Phase 10 with my parents. Now i play Monopoly with my kids. haven’t introduced them to phase 10 yet though

  4. 70

    Julie Thompson says

    I love playing all board games and card games as long as I am getting to spend quality time with my kids and making wonderful memories with them to last a life time. Thank you for the giveaway


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