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Feb 06

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Finding Your Passion for Fitness

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You step out of the lockeroom, put your earbuds in, and prepare to indulge in your passion for fitness. The heavy metal is pumping through your earbuds at the same rate the blood is racing through your veins. For the next two hours you have relinquished any mommy or honey obligations, and the only thing that matters is the burn you get from just… one… more… rep! Phew!

For those that can’t watch my passion for fitness video…

Find your passion for fitness and you will be on your way to healthy living #cbias

The weight loss results are dismal this week, as I am back to where I started 3 weeks ago. This is proof that having, what seemed like, the plague running rampant through our house really took a toll on my physical activity and healthy living habits. I can’t begin to describe how I yearn for the burn that comes from a solid leg workout. I am confident that one week of hitting it hard will get me back to where I was 3 weeks ago.

Finding your passion for fitness with Reebok shoes #cbias

Some girls like getting flowers on Valentine’s Day; while other girls like yoga pants and Reebok shoes!  I have been begging for a new pair of shoes (along with other, more expensive toys) and Michael finally caved in on a trip to Finish Line! I think he realizes how cranky I am on the days I don’t go to the gym and if new shoes gets me there, then new shoes is what I get! That means I am gearing up to be living with fire once again; I have my yoga pants, new Reebok shoes, and a passion for fitness that would shame any bodybuilder. Bring on the iron!

Find your passion for fitness with these at home ab exercises #cbias

This is the point of the post where I redirect you back to the video for the ab workouts. Sneaky, right? The video has three ab workouts that will make you feel like an elephant did a jig all over your stomach. From the moment you stir in the morning, to the second you step back into the gym, you will feel the glorious burn that tells you what a good job you are doing. When you stop to stretch it out, you will knowingly smile because your hard work is paying off; that is what it means to have a passion for fitness.

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My name is Mallery and I am a recovering workaholic. I curse like a sailor. I'm a mix of obsessive and awkward. I talk about bowel habits more than I should and I enjoy wine, gaming, and tattoos.

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  1. Andrea Kruse

    Wow! I am in love with those shoes and the purple laces. I always buy a new pair of shoes to get me motivated after a baby is born to get me moving. I will file away that ab workout for post baby… but am also adding those shoes to my wishlist. I am a sucker for comfort and looks on my workout wear.
    Andrea Kruse recently posted..Emmy Rossum’s New CD – #SentimentalJourney – Out Now!My Profile


  2. Terri

    Oooh! Great trainers! They are motivation to move all on their own :) Thanks for sharing!


  3. Amy

    The shoe laces are the best part…
    Amy recently posted..Spotify & Pandora and Why I’m Stuck With BothMy Profile


  4. Linette

    I lost over 70lbs about 3 years ago, and I’ve kept it off for the most part, but abs are one area I definitely still need to work on! Love those shoes!
    Linette recently posted..Lollipop Moon $100 GC GiveawayMy Profile


  5. diane

    LOVE the slim look of those sneakers! And I desperately need some ab work, too. Hard to work off 2 kids :)
    diane recently posted..How to Make Natural Green Food ColoringMy Profile


  6. Stacie B.

    That is too funny, new shoes are what I asked for for Valentine’s Day too! Mine are simply horrible, I love yours (yay purple laces!)
    I’m working hard on trying to get healthy this year, and I know exactly what you mean about sickness having an impact on this sort of thing. We had a bad cold running through our house the past few weeks, and only now am I starting to get back in the game.
    Stacie B. recently posted..The Fairy Hobmother is Making the Rounds!My Profile


  7. Karen of 3G2S

    Those shoes are so adorable! Are they as lightweight as they look? Lightweight shoes makes exercising a little more effortless for me. :)
    Karen of 3G2S recently posted..More Than Just Prom Shoes at MyShoeConnection.com!My Profile


  8. Randi - Dukes and Duchesses

    Cute shoes! I really need some new workout shoes and I’ve been debating what to get.
    Randi – Dukes and Duchesses recently posted..A Winner and a Blog TourMy Profile


  9. Tonia@thegunnysack

    Love the new shoes! I won’t tell you how old mine are because it is embarrassing! It seems like whenever I want to buy a new pair, one of the kids needs shoes for school.
    Tonia@thegunnysack recently posted..{Easy} White Chocolate Fudge TrufflesMy Profile


  10. Kathy Murphy

    I LOVE those shoes! I need to get a move on before I shed my winter coat : )
    Kathy Murphy recently posted..The Sweetest of Cakes – Baskin Robbins’ Conversation Heart Ice Cream Cakes! *Review*My Profile


  11. Sara @ CleverPinkPirate.com

    Those shoes are pretty awesome! Good luck on your fitness endeavors!
    Sara @ CleverPinkPirate.com recently posted..Pinterest Valentine’s Day Board with Hundreds of Ideas!My Profile


  12. Carolyn West

    I would totally love a new pair of work-out shoes for Valentine’s Day. A good pair of shoes makes all the difference in how I work out.
    Carolyn West recently posted..Morning Drop-Off DramaMy Profile


  13. Jen @ BigBinder

    Those shoes are SWEET! Go girl!
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted..Comment on The Most Fun You Can Have With Ugly Wallpaper {SteamMachine} by EvaMy Profile


  14. Still Blonde after all these YEARS

    Inspiring video. Great pep talk on motivation
    Still Blonde after all these YEARS recently posted..Genie Bra Full Figure Women — Does it Work?My Profile


  15. Alicia

    Love the shoes! Ya gotta add a little color to your workout;)
    Alicia recently posted..Having a Little Fun with the PreggoBooth App & an iPhone 5 GiveawayMy Profile


  16. Whitney

    I want those shoes!!!


  17. mel

    I love the video and I LOVE Reebok shoes! As a runner (or a beginner runner, I shall say) and a tennis player, Reebok is a brand that is amazing! I have been buying their products for years! My abs though are a totally different story- I need some serious help in that department! I need those shoes- love the purple laces too!
    mel recently posted..Bunnies Picnic (Girls Boutique Clothes) Review and $50 Clothing Giveaway!My Profile


  18. Mimi

    Now that I’m working from home I’ve found a need to work out. I used to walk 6 hours a day at work and now I don’t do anything! Thanks for encouraging us! Those shoes would rival any of the ones my co-workers wear!! Love the look and color!
    Mimi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Getting CraftyMy Profile


  19. Christy

    You totally should have gotten those with pink laces, but other than that, they are awesome! And for the record, I’m going to try a couple of your ab work out moves. If I do nothing else right in a day, I always at least work out my abs first thing in the morning. Mommy of 6…it’s a must!
    Christy recently posted..Tyson, Football, and Mardi Gras…Typical Weekend on the IslandMy Profile


  20. moniqie

    I love those shoes! So cute! And I completely understand about the weight loss. I seem to weigh more today than I did when I started exercising 10 days shop. ugh!


  21. Melissa Lawler

    They look very comfy!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..Tax Time!My Profile


  22. Mari Inspired by Family

    I would pick new Reebok shoes any day over flowers and chocolate for v-day. ~Mari
    Mari Inspired by Family recently posted..DIY Yummy Conversation HeartsMy Profile


  23. Dede

    New shoes are always great, even if they are gym shoes!! :)
    Dede recently posted..It’s Time to Get Crafty! #craftytime giveaway Feb. 6-20My Profile


  24. Closer to Lucy

    Ha ha…I hadn’t asked for anything for Valentine’s day, thinking I may barrow a page from your book because while I have no real passion for fitness I do realize that forcing (and by forcing, I mean kicking grunting and groaning the whole way) myself through it is much easier with good shoes :0)
    Closer to Lucy recently posted..Kleenex #sharethesoft "Not watching the game" girl’s night in! #cbias @kleenexMy Profile


  25. Xenia

    Those shoes look so comfy and stylish! I want!


  26. Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books)

    Thanks for the exercise tips! Love your new shoes!! Reebok sneakers ROCK!!!
    Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books) recently posted..Reebok ~ Igniting that Fire Within to Live a Healthy Lifestyle #cbiasMy Profile


  27. Jennifer

    Ugh! I know that passion, but haven’t had it for a while. I am so out of shape now that I will be in pain before it feels good!!! Thanks for the reminder, though!! Those shoes are awesome, too.
    Jennifer recently posted..Simply Right Infant FormulaMy Profile


  28. Jules@ A Little Bite of Life

    Those shoes are so pretty! Do they come in pink sparkly too? 😉 You can do it Mallery, just do it!!!!
    Jules@ A Little Bite of Life recently posted..On My Birthday, I’m Counting My Blessings….My Profile


  29. Heidi

    Awesome!!! That is so cool, I am needing to purchase a new pair of shoes so I will def check these out when I am shopping!
    Heidi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: a 2-year-old’s adventureMy Profile


  30. Alyssa McVey (Giveaway Overload)

    I love your passion! I’m trying to work up to having that kind of passion for working out. With 80 lbs to lose I NEED to have some passion! Awesome shoes. I think the colors are so much fun.
    Alyssa McVey (Giveaway Overload) recently posted..Homemade #BlushingTonesMy Profile


  31. Karen W

    Those might be the coolest looking shoes ever. I need a pair.


  32. Maria

    I LOVE this video!! Your energy is very inspiring!! I love when you say : “Mommy is going to pump some iron”!!! The shoes looks great. I work in healthcare so proper foot gear is very important. Going to check these out next time I hit the mall.
    Maria recently posted..Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Marc Forgione- Entertaining Your Party GuestsMy Profile


  33. Cinny

    Love the shoes! I personally love my core workouts! Loved the way you incorporated that sneak attack for the video. Smart!
    Cinny recently posted..Following the Yellow Brick Road #DisneyOzMy Profile


  34. Mel

    Those shoes are super cute!
    Mel recently posted..Crispy Green Freeze Dried Fruit ReviewMy Profile


  35. Brandi

    Oooohhh!! I LOVE those shoes! I still think they look better with the PINK laces but, the purple are cute also and totally you! 😉 I am for sure going to have to try your ab workouts!
    Brandi recently posted..Lean Cuisine Salad Additions #BYOLMy Profile


  36. Beeb Ashcroft

    Try not to worry about the scale this week, you’re not kidding about that plague. We got it right at the beginning of January and it does throw you off, but it’s only temporary. I’ve been on a weight loss journey since May and this Monday marked the first time I’ve been able to go to a gym since 2010 – I’ve been recovering from a serious knee injury and it’s SO EXCITING to be able to start a gym routine again. Just 7 months ago I still had problems just walking, so it’s m-a-j-o-r progress. Anyway, because it’s been so long that I’ve been in the gym, I realized that none of my clothes fit anymore because they’re too big now (which is a good thing!). I really need to get some new yoga pants. I love the cute gym outfit in your photos, because I’m a total girly girl and one of THOSE people who puts on makeup to work out. The purple and black shoes are really cute. I’ve been wearing the same pair of orthopedic sneakers daily for almost 2 years due to my knee issues and I know they’re going to wear out eventually, so I’ll have to think about some kind of replacements. It’s nice to see that there are some CUTE shoes out there since I reaaaallly think most sneakers are ugly. I’d rather work out in heels, but you know, dislocated kneecaps and all that. 😉 😉
    Beeb Ashcroft recently posted..“Nightmare Before Christmas” Tribute Tote Bag Giveaway at Mommy Lesson PlansMy Profile


  37. Samantha K

    I love the shoes. They look so comfy!
    Samantha K recently posted..Cheesy Chili Hash Brown Bake {Recipe}My Profile


  38. April

    Love the video! Reebok is the only shoe I can wear for working out!! I have been wearing them for years, probably when they first came out!


  39. Trish - Mom On Timeout

    Love the video – want the shoes!
    Trish – Mom On Timeout recently posted..White Chocolate Valentine’s Day Spoonfuls of LoveMy Profile


  40. Lena - @elenka29

    Isn’t that I good idea? I’ll skip the flowers, gimme my running shoes


  41. Jana

    I am in the weight loss process and have started running and working out. Love those shoes. For me working out is way more fun with cute workout clothes & tennis shoes. I’m in the mood to shop for all new workout clothes!
    Jana recently posted..Week 3 was RoughMy Profile


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