Tissue Paper Candle {Dollar Store Craft}

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Packaging up a tissue paper candle in a repurposed baby food container {Horrible Housewife}

What’s a girl to do when she gets an email from Pintester about tissue paper candles? She makes them, of course! It’s no lie I have an ooey, gooey heart when it comes to the online family I have inherited with Collective Bias®/Social Fabric®. (They make my heart so mushy you could feed me to a gumming 4 month old without any worries. Nom-Nom-Nom-Slurp!)

Yeah… that was gross.

I’ve confessed my everlasting allegiance to the #PurpleArmy, so much so, that I’m on a mission for purple jeans. You heard me right, <PURPLE JEANS>! Who in their right mind wears colored jeans? I do! I am determined to arrive at SoFabCon in head to toe purple so Sparkle Pants is forced to take a picture with me while I’m in my purple garb! Mwahahaha! You have permission to call me Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. 😉

Holy Smokes! How did I get so worked up over a color? How did this tissue paper candle post turn into a #PurpleArmy post when all I wanted to say was I deliberately spray painted the container purple in honor of the #PurpleArmy?

How to make a tissue paper candle

I need to start off by saying trial and error is the way to go with this one. I made a total of 3 candles and still ended up hating being disappointed with the final product. (More on that later.)

Tissue paper candle supplies

  • Wax paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Markers/printer
  • Heat gun
  • Candles… more than one for when you screw up.

Pintester tried this tissue paper candle craft and used her blow dryer to heat the candle. My blow dryer literally blows because it didn’t get hot enough to melt things together, which started my middle of the night panic attack. Craft fail 1.

Transferring a design to the tissue paper for tissue paper candles. {Horrible Housewife}

A Girl in Paradise, the person Pintester linked to, said you can use Sharpies on the tissue paper. I then proceeded to trace my design out with Sharpies, only to find out Sharpies bleed on tissue paper… craft fail 2.

My adrenaline started pumping as I got to my last chance candle. Is this one going to turn out? Am I going to end up running to Walmart at 3am in my pajamas? The online tutorial woes were out in full force! So was the wine.

Tissue Paper candle crafts from the dollar store {Horrible Housewife}

I ended up using the fine tip of a Prismacolor double ended art marker on the candle above. It’s nowhere near perfect, but they don’t call me the Horrible Housewife for nothing!

Note: I stumbled upon a tutorial from one of my fellow SoFab family members today while trying to figure out my SEO words for this post! You can’t say the SoFab crew isn’t the hottest crew around! Tonia from The Gunny Sack has a way of making me wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?” You NEED to check out her crazy easy, no stressing required, you don’t have to drink away your craft woes candle tutorial.

This whole random post was to tease all of the Social Fabric Valentine exchange people! Will the #PurpleArmy end up being your valentine? Only time will tell!

131 Flares Twitter 36 Facebook 2 Google+ 11 Pin It Share 75 StumbleUpon 7 Email -- Filament.io 131 Flares ×


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