Weight Loss Setbacks

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Horrible Housewife's weekly weigh in- weight loss setbacks I am fed up with my weight loss setbacks! Whether the setback comes in the form of a funeral, the plague, crazy deadlines, or spur of the moment appointments; setbacks are no longer welcomed here! Good riddance! I have an appointment to get my feathers clipped because these arm wings are getting out of hand. Don’t even get me started on my muffin top that just keeps rising. Seriously, I could feed all of the starving children in Ethiopia with my sweet treats.

{Horrible Housewife's weight loss setbacks} Now I think that going to the gym is the best drug. I go four times a week and it gives me the buzz I need.

The beginning of last week was kickass! My muscles were moaning from the tortuous pleasure I was experiencing at the gym. (I’m not the only one who gets their jollies off with a good workout!) The heavy breathing, muscle burning, rush of endorphins I get from a good workout is exhilarating! Sheesh! You would think my gym workouts are a soft porn!

And then came the weight loss setbacks

I swear funerals are the Mac daddy of weight loss setbacks. Everyone is stressed out and busy with things so they mindlessly eat. I like to eat and I won’t sit here and say we didn’t indulge in some ice cream… multiple times. Eh, I guess I’m a naughty girl in more ways than one.

Even with our ice cream binge, last week wasn’t a total loss. After two days in the gym I saw the reduction in my bloating and felt like a sexy beast again! Bow chicka wow wow! I did good eating when Daddy Michael WASN’T around me with his cheating habits. Sigh…

Here’s to maintaining my attitude and sticking with it through this rollercoaster known as life!

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    I SO feel your pain. I was 100% Paleo until Feb of last year when Kyle’s grandma died. We lived in Georiga at the time and had to drive to Raleigh, NC (which, ironically is where we live now). The funeral food was amazing comfort food cooked by little old ladies. And of course the whole time we were here I ate like crap. we went home and I had to drive to Tallahassee, FL because my grandfather was dying and in the hospital. I wanted to go see him so I did. And another little old lady fed us while we were there. She had never heard of Paleo. The week after that, my grandmother went to live in an assisted living facility so I drove to Orlando, Florida and didn’t eat well there either. The following week, my grandfather died so we went BACK to Tallahassee and Paleo was out the window for literally over a month. After that, it was so hard to be 100% and I’m STILL struggling. Not to mention the fact that we moved and I had to figure out how to life live again.

    Don’t let it set you back like it did me! I’ve gained 15lbs since moving to Raleigh and now I’m back on the wagon (after being sick for 2 weeks and eating like bullcrap). Let’s do this together!!!

    PS: I am STILL sick and went to Strength Training this morning. It’s an illness.
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