The Girl with Purple Hair {Advent Calendar Day 7}

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2013 Wine advent calendar - girl with purple hair #winewithmallery

Hey, yeah, so… I have purple hair. Shocker, amiright? Perhaps I am gunning for a Suicide Girls spread? I wish. Unfortunately, I’m not getting naked for the masses, but I can’t sit here and say those broads aren’t smokin’ hot. Smokin’ hot, I tell ya!

Moving on…

Reactions to my purple hair

Trader Joe’s L’Authentique Red Table Wine

This wine wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t memorable but it wasn’t ‘cooking wine’. Honestly, it was like drinking a not so sweet juice that would probably do well with a first time drinker. How can you go wrong with a $5 wine from Trader Joe’s?

2013 wine advent calendar- purple hair can be classy #winewithmallery

I’m still not sure what to think when people (strangers, family, and friends) compliment me on my less than natural hair color. I mean, it’s purple black with PUR-to the-PLE chunks in it! I assumed most people would react like my step-dad with his “Why is your hair purple?”, or my mom with her “That’s really bright.”, or the little girl in the grocery store with her “daddy, why does she have purple hair?”.

It only makes sense.

2013 wine advent calendar- girls with purple hair have more fun #winewithmallery

I was picking up more Christmas decorations for my OCD Christmas tree this week at Target and a good looking employee without any visible tattoos or piercings came up to me and started talking about my hair.

Mmmkay, I will play along because… well… I don’t get a ton of adult interaction.

And then he said the words I’ve been dreading… “everyone seems to have purple hair now.” Noooooooooo! Take it back! Stop the madness! Imma gonna cry if you don’t take that back right meow!

Damn it.

2013 wine advent calendar- the girl with the purple hair #winewithmallery

First I get lumped into the mommy blogger category, and now I’m just another purple haired girl buying Christmas decorations at Tar-jay. Fuck me, dude! (Note- I did not tell him to fuck me. I had my child with me for goodness sake!)

Even with all of that, it could just be people complimenting me because I actually know how to do my hair now. Believe it or not but I joined the ranks of females who are more than just a warm hole and I’m not quite sure how to handle it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is- reach for the stars if you want something new and different. You will never know unless you give it a whirl!


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