Sorry Not Sorry {Advent Calendar Day 6}

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2013 Wine advent calendar - sorry not sorry  #winewithmallery

Sorry not sorry has sort of been my motto the second half of 2013. Fuck me, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday? Sorry, homie, but I’m not really sorry.

I know. I know. I’m such an asshole for not paying attention to Facebook’s constant reminder of my shitty friend status. {Insert some sort of scolding from a troll.} For real though, would you wish half the people you shoot a note to on their ‘big day’ if it wasn’t for Facebook nagging you?

I didn’t think so.

Sorry not sorry

Trader Joe’s Sainte Croix Syrah Merlot (2011)

We have another easy drinker, under $5 bottle of wine on our hands! Trader Joe’s is on a roll this year! I am pleasantly surprised with everything I have pulled off the rack so far this month and it blows my mind a little bit. I can’t help but wonder WHY I haven’t pulled a cat piss bottle out of my stash. Hmm…

The rim of this wine has a very berry/purplish color, which is probably why I picked it for my first video of the night? I have no idea. Just know that I got lost in my glass and almost forgot to go upstairs and record my video. Whoopsie!

2013 Wine with Mallery advent calendar- Sorry not sorry {confessions from a workaholic} #winewithmallery

2013 was a growth year. I pushed myself to my breaking point working 15-20 hours a day. If you sent me an email that wasn’t attached to a paid gig, I didn’t respond. Heaven forbid you sent me a Facebook message or left me a voicemail because I don’t check those on a normal day! I cleared out my Facebook notifications on an hourly basis because the red notification saying people leading normal, balanced lives wanted to interact with me stressed me out.

In case you forgot. ~> Sorry not sorry.

Sorry not sorry for my 2013 blogging goals #winewithmallery

Despite all of that, 2013 needed to happen. I needed to break in order to find my true work limit, to learn that I should say no to the $100 because I was spending quadruple the amount of time other people on the same project were. {And that’s okay for other people.} Breaking helped me develop my ability to say ‘no’ and ‘not right now’ because I now have a work smarter, not harder mentality.

‘Oh, your campaign wants tame posts about lubricant? No big deal, another campaign will see the value in people who appreciate a good fucking story.’ Ba dum tsk!

You didn’t forget, did you? ~> Sorry not sorry.

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievements, in the thrill of creative effort. {sorry not sorry quote #winewithmallery}

2013 was my way of proving monetary worth to Michael, my family, and myself because we live in such a financially driven society. Not to mention, being a SAHM goes against every fiber in my body because, as much as I wanted Michael, I became a mom WAY TOO EARLY. Way to early. Fuck me, too early.

And one more reminder. ~> Sorry not sorry.

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