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Mar 19

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Paleo Bacon and Asparagus Dinner

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Paleo bacon and asparagus dinner recipe #shop

Have you ever heard the saying ‘nothing good ever came easy’? Kitchen experiments, like this paleo bacon and asparagus dinner, can end a few ways: pizza, starving, suffering through a bad meal, or knocking it so far out of the park you are able to crawl the bases.

Quit playin’, you know how this story ends…

Paleo bacon and asparagus dinner recipe ingredients #shop

We love bacon wrapped asparagus but the act of wrapping asparagus in bacon is for the birds. I mean… c’mon, I’m no domestic goddess! Had I continued to wrap Michael’s vegetables in glorious cuts of pork, he would have started expecting his socks to be paired correctly. About that…

And that, my friends, is how this recipe came to life.

Bacon and asparagus dinner ingredients

  • 1 lb Chicken breast tenderoins
  • 1 lb Bacon
  • 1 Bunch of asparagus
  • 1 Tbsp Butter Flavored Olive Oil
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • 1 tsp Salt (Divided)
  • 1 tsp Pepper (Divided)

Easy enough, right?

Chopping up asparagus for the paleo bacon and asparagus recipe #shop

  • Start by chopping the asparagus into 1 inch pieces.

Use olive oil instead of butter in this paleo bacon and asparagus dinner recipe #shop

  • Mix the asparagus, olive oil, minced garlic, 1/2 tsp pepper, and 1/2 tsp of salt in a medium bowl until coated.
  • Season the chicken with the remaining salt and pepper before cutting the tenderloins into bite size pieces.
  • Cut the bacon into 1 inch (ish) pieces with kitchen shears.

Add all of the prepared paleo bacon and asparagus dinner recipe ingredients to a pan and cook until done #shop

  • Add the bacon to your pan first so it has time to reach crispy bacon status. (If you like chewy bacon you can add it all at once.)
  • Add the chicken once the bacon appears to have cooked a little bit. (About 5 minutes.)
  • And then you can toss the asparagus into the pan. (I prefer a slight crunch to my asparagus so I don’t add it with the chicken.)
  • Occasionally stir your one pan dinner until the meat is fully cooked. (About 20 minutes on medium heat.)

Once cooked, I prefer to strain the entire pan because my stomach can’t handle oodles of bacon grease. Michael on the other hand, takes a slotted spoon and enjoys it straight from the pan. Cooking everything in one pan has been one of my best ideas EVER!


Let’s not forget about the super housewife award you will receive when he comes home to minimal dirty dishes, a delicious dinner, and a happy housewife. Believe it or not, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve!

Shopping for the ingredients to use in my paleo bacon and asparagus dinner recipe #shop

On my way to Kroger, I made a quick pit stop at Walmart because they are currently the only store in these parts to carry this Butter Flavored Olive Oil. The extra stop was pretty much needed because Michael kicked me out of the house so he could do his homework. Meaning I was forced to do what I do best… shop.

What a bummer, man!

I grabbed the olive oil, avoided all of the green treats, and headed to Kroger for a little fuel point action. Hello… Simple Truth!

Do a girl a favor and pin this paleo bacon and asparagus recipe!

Easy paleo bacon and asparagus dinner recipe #shop


766 Flares Twitter 38 Facebook 7 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 96 StumbleUpon 623 Email -- Filament.io Made with Flare More Info'> 766 Flares ×

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  1. Andrea Kruse

    Yum! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Not only do I not have time to wrap my asparagus… it never looks as pretty as I want it to. Love the Butter Flavored Olive Oil… it is tasty.


    Mallery Reply:

    I don’t have the time with 1 kid so I can only imagine. Ha!


  2. Christy

    I think you need to change your name to “The Clever Housewife”. This is a great time saver (I’m over here stupidly wrapping my stuff in bacon). And since I found Star Oil, we don’t use anything else, true story. But I haven’t tried the butter flavored yet. I’ll look for it today when I’m out.
    Christy recently posted..Spring Break Savior: Transformers Armada, The Complete SeriesMy Profile


    Mallery Reply:

    I know, right? I’m thinking I will save the bacon wrapping for meals where presentation is a must have.


  3. Amy

    So you know I’m not down with the chicken, but the asparagus in butter flavored olive oil sounds like something I could get behind!
    Amy recently posted..{Recipe} Sweet Dreams Candy MartiniMy Profile


    Mallery Reply:

    I like how you pointed out you can’t get down on chicken but didn’t address the bacon. I predict your first meat will be bacon. And I bet it happens in May. :)


  4. Patty

    You had me at bacon but add in butter flavor and I was over the moon. My hubby would die for this as his favorite vegetable is asparagus. We added it to our garden plan last year so we should see results this year.

    I’ll keep this one so I can surprise him when the first stalks are harvested!
    Patty recently posted..Book Blast Celebrating Deborah Swift with Giveaway!My Profile


  5. Patricia Cook

    I love bacon and asparagus, both so yummy!! This is a great recipe, and I’ll give it a try, thanks for sharing. And your pics are fabulous!!
    Patricia Cook recently posted..Green Olive Dip With Lindsay Olives #sponsoredMy Profile


    Mallery Reply:

    Thank you! And we all know you can’t go wrong when bacon is involved. :)


  6. Karen Coutu

    That looks so good! This dish could convert my children into asparagus-lovers!! 😀
    Karen Coutu recently posted..Tackle Spring Cleaning Starting With the Basics #OxiClean #MCMy Profile


    Mallery Reply:

    It absolutely will!


  7. Ida

    Yum! Pinned and ready to go out and buy the ingredients to make this for dinner tonight! My honey will love this since he is all into Paleo diet thanks to Crossfit!
    Ida recently posted..Join The Fight Against Child Hunger with ConAgra FoodsMy Profile


    Mallery Reply:

    Paleo and bacon are synonymous! :)


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