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Why Mallery?

If you want to take your brand further than just the blogosphere you have come to the right place. Mom bloggers are more than just bloggers, just like moms are more than just moms. Mallery created a mommy group quickly after her son’s birth as an outlet for moms to talk about everything from teething babies, useless husbands, and vaginal whats? You are looking at a direct link to real moms with real opinions, not to mention, the occasional heated debate.

Buckle your seat belts because this is not your traditional mommy blog.

Mallery’s Values:

  • Blunt- Hearing¬† the truth is painfully helpful.
  • Empathetic- Feel for others or be alone in the game of life.
  • Economical- Waste nothing and spend wisely.
  • Egotistical Bleeding Heart- How is that for an oxymoron? The ¬†ability to give people everything while still satisfying the mother ship.
  • Eccentric- The most interesting lives are not those that are ordinary.
  • Product Advocate- The ability to shout you from the mountain tops until the end of time without blowing smoke up people’s butts.
  • Sanity Advisor- Helping new moms navigate the twists and turns of the yellow brick road without going crazy.

Mallery Admires:

  • Her mother for her ability to forgive and forget.
  • Her granny for her lack of judgment on others.
  • Her husband for the ability to put up with all of her crap and still love her.
  • Her son for accepting her for who she is and still laughing at her bad jokes.

Contact Mallery

If you want to connect with me just check out my media kit and fill out the Contact Me form!