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Work with Me

If you haven’t already, you should read my about page and media kit to make sure we are a good fit. Read on if you are interested in a relationship with a spunky momma!

Partnerships Available:

  • Reviews
  • Review & Giveaway
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Travel Sponsorships
  • Advertising
  • Twitter Parties

Review & Giveaways:

  • Sponsors are responsible for fulfilling all prizes and prize shipments for a giveaway.
  • The sponsor is required to cover the cost of getting me my product to review.
  • I do not accept sample sized products for review.
  • Products will not be returned after my review is complete.
  • The post will be syndicated via my social media channels.
  • Amazon or other store reviews can be added to your review package.
  • All posts will be in a ‘content style‘ format.  It might take longer for my reviews to get posted, but I develop posts for longevity and SEO; I do not write advertisements.

Sponsored Posts:

  • Sponsors can request specific text and links to include in the post.
  • Articles will be composed in a content format, NOT an advertisement. I refuse to publish something that doesn’t relate to my every day life and/or passions.
  • Posts will be syndicated to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (if applicable), Stumble Upon, G+, and (if applicable) Instagram.
  • Pricing and further details will be determined after contact.

Brand Ambassadorships:

My mommy group loves to try things out and we love to have a Mommy’s Night Out!  I will set up an in home party to give your product out to the other moms and collect survey style feedback for you.

  • The sponsor should provide enough samples for 30 moms.
  • The sponsor should provide full sized products and/or compensation for my time.
  • The sponsor can provide coupons and/or rebates for future purchases by the moms
  • Further details will be worked out.

Travel Sponsorships:

  • Includes a set number of posts, which are then syndicated through my social media hannels.
  • Includes above the fold banner ads.
  • Includes an agreed upon ‘elevator pitch’ for introductions.
  • I will hand out my business cards with your logo on the reverse side.
  • Further details can be worked out.


  • It isn’t that I don’t want banner advertising, but I am very picky. Contact me for further details.

Sponsorship Rules:

  • Every sponsored post will contain a disclosure statement.
  • Every sponsored article will be classified with a sponsored category along with other relevant categories.  The purpose of a content style review/post is to prevent them from getting ‘lost’ in paid posts, and to make them about something people are actually searching for. Makes sense, right?
  • All links from an advertisement or sponsored post will have the “nofollow” attribute added to it, so it is in compliance with Google’s policies.


If you still want to work together, after reading everything, please use the Contact Me page to send me your information!