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Jan 27

Have We Found the Toddler Eczema ‘Cure’?

I am finally semi happy to report back on our journey with toddler eczema (atopic dermatitis)! I don’t know how you get eczema, and I haven’t figured out the cure for eczema, however, I HAVE found something that is working for Michael. Woo hoo! You might remember last year Michael had an allergy blood test for …

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Nov 30

Our Toddler Eczema Journey Continues Without Answers

Anticipation can be killer when you are waiting on something like the test results from your toddler’s blood work. The our vivid imaginations make the hypothetical situations that run through your head are usually far worse that what actually ends up happening. I am full of what-ifs because I like to mentally prepare myself for …

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Nov 26

Our Journey Starts with an Allergy Test for Toddler Eczema

Picture this rash all over your child’s body. Now picture them scratching away at it anytime they don’t have clothes on. Lets take this one step further and picture your ‘smooth as a baby’s butt’ child feeling like their skin belongs on a scaly snake. Pretty gross right? The only thing I hate more than …

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Oct 11

DIY Star Wars Car Seat Cover

I love this Star Wars car seat cover and you can’t complain when it is only $12 to make. These covers can retail anywhere from $20-40 in a store or online, not to mention the whole Star Wars theme adds a premium. I wish I had one of these when Michael was younger. I will …

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Oct 09

DIY Star Wars Crib Bumper

This crib bumper turned out much better than I anticipated. I was so proud of it when I stepped back to look at it because I really didn’t know how it was going to look when it was done. I have learned that I am pretty awful at measuring things and drawing straight lines. It …

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Oct 09

DIY Star Wars Bibs

There are actually 5 of these galaxy print bibs. We just have some things at Granny’s house and some things at my house right now so I couldn’t take a complete picture. These bibs match her burp cloths and are lined with a fleece back. They are $1.20 each.   EDIT 10/11/2012 The star bibs …

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Oct 09

DIY Star Wars Burp Cloths

So far these are the burp cloths that we have 100% complete. I have enough stuff for 40 burp cloths right now, but she clearly doesn’t need 40 to start. There are 8 of the star pattern and they cost $1.25 each. There are 8 of the galaxy pattern and they cost $1 each. There …

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Sep 24

I’ve Been Abducted by Star Wars

I did the unthinkable this weekend… I didn’t work much, outside of some emails. I don’t know how much I really enjoy not working but I am still alive and kickin’. In fact, all that I developed was a slight twitch from my addiction withdraws. My dorky, yellow beaver blogging friends are the only reason I …

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Sep 15

The Blowout of the Century

So this happened today. This also just happened to be the third time he pooped today. Really kid? Who poops three times in one day? I am lucky to poop twice a week so he must have gotten that skill from his father! This wasn’t just a blowout, it was a tsunami of feces! I …

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Sep 13

Star Wars Burp Cloths {Tutorial}

I decided that I would break up the tutorials for my Star Wars sewing crafts into two posts so it is easier on me to share. I have mentioned before that I don’t have a sewing machine so I have to prep everything and head over to see a man about a horse to finish …

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