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Mar 11

Happy Birthday to Jillian Warner!

Wine with Mallery IS BACK with a special happy birthday to a not so special Jillian Warner! Or vise versa? Who knows. This is what I do know about  the birthday girl’s video: My teeth are purple. I’m blitzed. I sing to the birthday girl. You shouldn’t watch it unless you want to laugh your …

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Dec 28

Wine with Mallery- ♪♫ I Like Big Butts ♪♫

Day 22 of Wine with Mallery is way late but I am sure you understand. I mean, it was Christmas. I was without a computer for a very long time. I was also supposed to interact with my family. I would just like to say that I successfully interacted with all family members this Christmas! …

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Dec 22

Wine with Mallery- The Navy Comes to Town

Day 21 of Wine with Mallery and you guys are getting a short, hilarious video! (Sort of like Michael… ba-dum-tshh! Totally kidding guys! Or am I?) It’s only 7 minutes long and I pinky promise you will laugh your bum off! Laugh it off, shake it like a salt shaker, whatever works for you. I …

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Dec 21

Wine with Mallery- Pumping That Heavy Metal

Can you believe we are on day 20 of Wine with Mallery? There are only 5 more days of wine before my liver gets to take a break! Yee-haw! Words can’t express how excited I am for my wine detox. Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video… Wine with Mallery …

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Dec 18

Wine with Mallery- Date Night & Christmas OCD

It’s day 16 of Wine with Mallery! This time we aren’t talking about me and my drunken shenanigans. This time we are talking about Michael! Yippee! It’s a welcomed change of pace, isn’t it? Thought so. Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video… Do you know how many ounces of …

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Dec 16

Wine with Mallery- BFFs & Pregnancy?

Day 14 of Wine with Mallery got delayed because I was doing this thing called hanging out with my family. Isn’t that a crazy concept? For me it is. I was planning on getting ahead of the workload, before he walked in the door at lunch time. Dang it, Jim! Wine with Mallery cliff notes …

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