Michael’s ‘Best Mop Ever’!

Rewarding my toddler with money for playing with his 'best mop ever' Christmas gift #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

Michael's best mop Christmas gift has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.#CleanForTheHolidays #CollectiveBias Have you ever thought about the perks of being a parent? I mean, REALLY thought about why we decide to accept responsibility for ... [ Read More ]

Welcome to My Fellow Dishwasher OCD Friends

My name is Mallery and I have dishwasher OCD

I have dishwasher OCD thanks to the Cascade I received from Mom Central Consulting. There I said it, I am crazy anal about very few things in my life, and it just so happens the  dishwasher is one of them. Although, in my defense, my dishwasher OCD is very similar to my closet OCD because it has to ... [ Read More ]

Housewife Tip- Woolzies Dryer Balls

Chore tip from the horrible housewife- using Woolzies dryer balls decrease your laundry's drying time

You are probably sitting at home trying to wrap your head around ME giving out a housewife tip. What am I thinking, right? Think of this dryer balls post as more of a lazy housewife helping out the rest of the lazy housewife population with their chores. Does that make sense? Let me go ahead and ... [ Read More ]

The Laundry Saga Lives On

Organizing your closet #purex

Do you remember when the laundry saga began and then continued on? We had some first world problems going on for a minute there! I am so proud of my Horrible Husband and his newly organized closet right now; go ahead and give him a round of applause! <Insert clapping> It was so cute because ... [ Read More ]

I Do Clean… Once a Month

Cleaning a dirty bathroom with Soft Scrub once a month

If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'!  Blogosphere... meet my downstairs bathroom. She's a beauty in all of her retro colored dirtiness! {Saarrrcaaasm} This is what happens when you only clean your house once a month. Gross right? I really am a horrible housewife... I get it and I own that truth. What people ... [ Read More ]

Ever Had a Work-Gasm?

I see all these Moms who can do everything

This is how I feel this week! Holy heck am I ready for a mini vacation. Did you know National Relaxation Day is 8/15? I just might go offline that day... who am I kidding? That is a lie and everyone knows it. Him "When do I get my Wife back?" Me "Next week." Him "You say that every week." Me ... [ Read More ]