Dark Side of Potty Training

The dark side of potty training boys.

"Don't play with your penis at the dinner table." "Don't pee on the wall!" "Hang on, I have to wipe your butt!" "Just pull down your pants and pee on the tree." I received the cleaning products mentioned in this potty training story for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, ... [ Read More ]

Welcome to My Fellow Dishwasher OCD Friends

My name is Mallery and I have dishwasher OCD

I have dishwasher OCD thanks to the Cascade I received from Mom Central Consulting. There I said it, I am crazy anal about very few things in my life, and it just so happens the  dishwasher is one of them. Although, in my defense, my dishwasher OCD is very similar to my closet OCD because it has to ... [ Read More ]

The Laundry Saga Lives On

Organizing your closet #purex

Do you remember when the laundry saga began and then continued on? We had some first world problems going on for a minute there! I am so proud of my Horrible Husband and his newly organized closet right now; go ahead and give him a round of applause! <Insert clapping> It was so cute because ... [ Read More ]

Walk That Trash Out to The Garage!

Recycling on the kitchen counter

It is 12:33 as I write this post because of my {big fat waste of a day}. I really could throttle people for not doing what they say they will do but in the end it all worked out so what is the point? I will save the story of the epic fail of a play date for another rant day once I can compose ... [ Read More ]

I Fail at Being a Housewife

always wake up 2 hours before our husband so you can shower

I was Googling the word housewife to see where I ranked with that word, in case you care it wasn't good, and I find a link that is talking about How to be a 1950's Housewife. This is where I pull out my favorite phrase, 'Bull F-ing S*it'. Seriously though, it is my favorite phrase if I think you are ... [ Read More ]

The Never-Ending Battle of Picking Up Toys

toddler making a mess of the family room

Serious question here- How often do you pick up toys? I had all of Michael's birthday gifts stacked neatly on the mantle and that lasted 3 days before Hurricane Michael came through. Now I am pretty proud that it lasted that long but I know that if I pick it up he will pull it all down tomorrow and ... [ Read More ]