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Jul 15

Peachy Black Tea Drink Recipe

I made this peachy black tea drink recipe with Sweet’N Low as part of a series of sponsored posts for Socialstars. #SweetNLowStars It’s summertime and you know what that means… PARTIES! Parties all day, every day! Wahoo! OK, maybe just on the weekend, but still. I have been feeling especially boozy with all of the wedding hustle and …

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Mar 21

Blogger Burnout Cocktail

Blogger Burnout is special. Special like the time your bestie hacked your account and confessed your love for no-wipers… Oh, that has yet to happen to you? Ha! Just wait until you leave your social media tether unattended this May. Unless, of course, you are a potty publisher. Potty publishers are a little trickier to …

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Mar 17

Mike and Ike Flavored Vodka

Have you heard of Mike and Ike flavored vodka? Me either. The idea of Mike and Ike infused vodka wasn’t born until I was sent some retro Mike and Ike® flavors to write about. The evil scientist set up shop faster than it takes a drunk girl to fall down on the dance floor. I …

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Mar 05

Teeccino Coffee & Irish Cream Cocktail Recipe

How does a Teeccino & Irish Cream cocktail sound to everyone? You are probably raising your hand if you are a coffee lover.  You are probably waving said arm in the air if you had a stressful day at work. And you are probably jumping up and down like a fool if you stayed at …

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Nov 21

Get Your Drink On With Daily’s Frozen Pouches

Here’s the deal, I like cocktails. I enjoy the smooth, sweet taste of a cocktail as I drink it like a juice box. Don’t you dare call me a lush!  OK, OK, I might be a little bit of a a big flirt when I’ve loosened up a bit- you caught me. I know you …

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Sep 08

Godiva Chocolate & Coffee Martini

If you haven’t tried any of the Godiva spirits you are MISSING OUT! They are expensive but it is the best tasting alcohol I might have ever tasted in my life. It might become an issue if you drink it like chocolate milk though. Who am I kidding? Drink it like chocolate milk because you …

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Jul 25

Baby Food Jar Jell-O Shots

It is summer time and that means parties! Parties mean drinks whether it is a mocktail or a cocktail!  Presentation makes everything more fun right?! I love my Painters pens and I am trying to find every excuse imaginable to repurpose my old baby food jars. I swear I have hundreds of them! I took …

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Jul 14

Caramel Coffee Martini

Do you know what I like to do?  I like to make a mess of my kitchen and create some disasters while occasionally making some pretty awesome concoctions! This week I got into the kitchen and made Michael some stiff drinks because it was just one of those weeks.  Oh-my-heck was it one of those …

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Jul 08

White & Yellow Sangria

Have you ever had a spread that you felt was worthy of a magazine?  I had one for my {yellow} birthday party but let me tell you that the balance of life was thrown off by a lot!  I barely worked, I didn’t sleep and I sure as heck didn’t pick up anything unless it …

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