Growling Garlic in a Pot {1 Month Update}

Growing garlic in a pot indoors

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good news- It would appear that I am growing garlic in a pot! Bad news- Only 2 out of the 3 bulbs sprouted and the 2 that did sprout look like they are barely hanging on.  I think the problem my garlic plants were […]

Growing Garlic Indoors

growing garlic from a bulb at home

It’s finally time for the follow up to my post about painting my garlic pot! I love, love, love garlic but I hate paying for it so I am attempting to grow indoors. This is just an experiment but all of the research that I have read online says that it really is possible. Fingers […]

Grilled Chicken Hobo Dinner

grilled hobo chicken and potato dinner

I have been grilling a lot lately because of the photography class that I am in right now. As I am grilling all of these delightful meals, I realized that sometimes simple is better! Actually, simple is always better so I pulled out something that we used to make over the campfire; Hobo Dinner! Think […]

From Plastic Tub to Garlic Garden

painted plastic pot turned into a container garden

I can promise you that there are no vampires in our house with the amount of garlic that we consume. I hate running out of garlic and I really, really hate buying garlic since it is a plant that I should be able to grow myself- right? I guess I could kill it but my […]

A Garlic Press Tribute

garlic press kitchen utensil

Garlic press you make my life easier, I love you.  I know I use and abuse you but you make food taste so good.  You make me look like a professional when really I am just looking to  get out of the kitchen.  I eat garlic on everything so without you my fingers would smell […]