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Mar 21

Do You Have a Coffee Shop at Home?

I know Michael isn’t the only person out there with enough coffee cups to fill a coffee shop. Where do they all come from? Why do the shelves of Goodwill fill up with all of the coffee cups that aren’t personalized? How do you turn your family member into Coffee Cup Hoarding Anoynomous? These are …

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Mar 08

Breastfeeding Survival Kit {Baby Shower Gift}

You might be thinking, “What the Sam is a breastfeeding survival kit?” It’s something I made up because I thought it was cool; thus, making me cool by association. It doesn’t make sense to wait for the episiotomy to taking control of your breast milk guilt. (Guilt is a guarantee much like death and taxes.) I would instruct your go-fetcher …

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Feb 21

What She Really Wanted for Valentine’s Day

I told you I would be back with a post about what she really wanted for Valentine’s Day! The top 10 gifts I shared with you last week are good gifts, just not want she really wanted from you. Don’t be a fool two years in a row and save this post for next year! …

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Feb 13

Top 10 Gifts to Get a Housewife for Valentine’s Day

Please give me an estimate of the cheapest Valentine’s Day date that will still result in us having sex. -Unknown Have you ever wondered about the types of gifts to get a housewife for Valentine’s Day? Do you even celebrate Valentine’s Day? Please note that sexy time doesn’t count as celebrating unless you are coming off of …

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Dec 13

Wine with Mallery- Christmas Gifts

Uhhh… I can’t promise you this Wine with Mallery video is completely sober. What can I promise you then? I can promise you rainbows and puppies? No I can’t. Can I promise you a uterus and flat wine bottles? I’m thinking I just might be able to fulfill that request! Man, I sure am fun! …

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Aug 24

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Mixing the sugar scrub together

  Do you need a quick gift to impress someone on the cheap? Listen up then because homemade sugar scrub is where it’s at! You can go as basic as the picture of ingredients above or get all fancy with essential oils for scents. I used sunflower oil because I have read that people do …

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Aug 06

Cute {I Love You This Much} Hand Print Card

I don’t know how this craft got lost in my craft folder because it is too cute and I made it a month ago for Father’s Day but it did. I was surfing Pinterest and found this adorable craft that I just HAD TO DO! I like hers better because she used better looking letters …

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Jul 27

The Never-Ending Battle of Picking Up Toys

Serious question here- How often do you pick up toys? I had all of Michael’s birthday gifts stacked neatly on the mantle and that lasted 3 days before Hurricane Michael came through. Now I am pretty proud that it lasted that long but I know that if I pick it up he will pull it …

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Jul 03

Back Away From the Chocolate

You know how dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate right?  Well can that same rule apply to babies almost toddlers? I have a fabulous friend, Lauren, and she got me that best chocolate in the world for my birthday.  You would think that she was trying to seduce me by gifting this rich and decadent …

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Jul 01

Baby Shower Gift: Lactation Cookies in a Jar

You can pretty much expect that if you are going to be a breastfeeding Mom you are going to have a time when you feel like you aren’t producing enough milk.  Breastfeeding is a ton of work but most good things are harder.  (Don’t read too much into that comment because I am not here …

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