Sausage & Yellow Pepper Skewers

Sausage, onion and yellow pepper skewers

I had this idea for a yellow birthday party that consisted of yellow sangria and yellow decorations, just to name a few. I even wore a yellow shirt to my soiree! It's one of those shirts that no matter how bloated you feel you look MARvelous in! Every woman has a shirt like that and you know what my ... [ Read More ]

Grilled Nutella S’mores Recipe

Grilled Nutella S'mores

Since I made these Grilled Nutella S'mores back in May I have been an addict; they are like my crack! Or perhaps I am just into the hazelnut, 21 grams of sugary goodness that is Nutella. Yeah baby! This treat is so simple that you could whip one up any day of the week and that doesn't surprise me ... [ Read More ]

Grilled Chicken Hobo Dinner

grilled hobo chicken and potato dinner

I have been grilling a lot lately because of the photography class that I am in right now. As I am grilling all of these delightful meals, I realized that sometimes simple is better! Actually, simple is always better so I pulled out something that we used to make over the campfire; Hobo ... [ Read More ]

Glad I Have a Roommate

burnt green beans cooked on the grill

Doesn't this picture just sum up my whole entire theme of this site? Too bad this is not my fault, well maybe indirectly it is.  Everything is usually triggered by me and my roommate actions, or lack thereof, anyways. *Sigh* To sum it up without boring you too much, we both worked all day, to ... [ Read More ]