Super Housewife Doesn’t Live Here

Using Borax to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent and Save Money

I admire one of my girlfriends so much because she is an awesome person. She can make homemade laundry detergent, baby food; her garden doesn't die, and she let me borrow her sewing machine for ages! Being the rockstar that she is, Kacy came over the other day and showed me how to use Borax to make ... [ Read More ]

Housewife Tip- Woolzies Dryer Balls

Chore tip from the horrible housewife- using Woolzies dryer balls decrease your laundry's drying time

You are probably sitting at home trying to wrap your head around ME giving out a housewife tip. What am I thinking, right? Think of this dryer balls post as more of a lazy housewife helping out the rest of the lazy housewife population with their chores. Does that make sense? Let me go ahead and ... [ Read More ]

The Laundry Saga Lives On

Organizing your closet #purex

Do you remember when the laundry saga began and then continued on? We had some first world problems going on for a minute there! I am so proud of my Horrible Husband and his newly organized closet right now; go ahead and give him a round of applause! <Insert clapping> It was so cute because ... [ Read More ]

The Laundry Saga Continues

michael's unorganized closet

This is Michael's closet which drives me a little batty but I try not to go all OCD on his fine behind like he does to me with the pillows.  The bedding OCD problem is a post to come because that is a beast of it's own!  How in the heck is he OK with this train wreck of a closet?This is my side of ... [ Read More ]

The Laundry Saga Begins

laundry piled on top of the dryer

I would like to be able to say that this picture was 'staged' for a post but this is a weekly occurrence at my house.  I am thrilled to say that this is not my fault!  Since the name of the site is not Horrible Husband I must offer a tip for all of you out there who complete laundry party fouls, ... [ Read More ]