Masquerade Party

Masquerade party centerpieces and table decorations

I love my mom. She taught me what it means to be selfless in a world of greed. She gives whatever she has to offer, even when you can't imagine she has anything left to give. I don't know how she does it, but she does, and is one of the reasons why our family is blessed. Girlfriend is the best thing ... [ Read More ]

Vote for the Horrible Housewife Blog Header

Horrible Housewife laundry basket header

Alright ladies and gents! It's time to vote for the new Horrible Housewife blog header! A special thanks goes out to my REAL LIFE BFF, Lindsay Decker (Not Lindsay Decker the porn star.) for putting these together. I'm sorry from the bottom of my cold, dark heart for sucking it up and taking 6+ ... [ Read More ]

The Horrible Housewife Photo Shoot Finale

a housewife who hangs her panties out to dry- horrible housewife photo shoot

The Horrible Housewife photo shoot finale is upon us! Can you believe it? Of course you can! I have sucked so hard at getting these pictures posted in a timely manner that my poor Lindsay has fallen into a deep depression because she assumes she is a failure. I tell my friends to only expect ... [ Read More ]

Horrible Housewife Photo Shoot Finals- Part 1

what does a housewife wear on laundry day- horrible housewife photo shoot

I know you guys have antsy pants as I slowly tempt you with pictures from the Horrible Housewife photo shoot. I am sure there is someone out there that really is tempted by this housewife overload. Actually, I KNOW there are people out there like that because I see the search terms that bring them ... [ Read More ]

Behind The Scenes- Horrible Housewife Photo Shoot

A classy housewife wears pearls over her tattoos

I am digging all of the enthusiasm for the first set of pictures from the Horrible Housewife photo shoot! I think you guys are having just as much fun as we did taking them. If you are drinking while reading these posts then the odds are good that you really are having just as much fun. :) I ... [ Read More ]

What Makes a Horrible Housewife Photo Shoot Successful?

Does a housewife ever put her phone down

The Horrible Housewife is finally reporting for duty! Sir, yes sir! Yeah right, Michael wishes I was that submissive. I gave you guys a sneak peek of my Horrible Housewife photo shoot before I went all MIA. I am now ready to share more of the madness that includes lots and lots of wine. The question ... [ Read More ]