Ever Had a Work-Gasm?

I see all these Moms who can do everything

This is how I feel this week! Holy heck am I ready for a mini vacation. Did you know National Relaxation Day is 8/15? I just might go offline that day... who am I kidding? That is a lie and everyone knows it. Him "When do I get my Wife back?" Me "Next week." Him "You say that every week." Me ... [ Read More ]

Walk That Trash Out to The Garage!

Recycling on the kitchen counter

It is 12:33 as I write this post because of my {big fat waste of a day}. I really could throttle people for not doing what they say they will do but in the end it all worked out so what is the point? I will save the story of the epic fail of a play date for another rant day once I can compose ... [ Read More ]

I Fail at Being a Housewife

always wake up 2 hours before our husband so you can shower

I was Googling the word housewife to see where I ranked with that word, in case you care it wasn't good, and I find a link that is talking about How to be a 1950's Housewife. This is where I pull out my favorite phrase, 'Bull F-ing S*it'. Seriously though, it is my favorite phrase if I think you are ... [ Read More ]

The Never-Ending Battle of Picking Up Toys

toddler making a mess of the family room

Serious question here- How often do you pick up toys? I had all of Michael's birthday gifts stacked neatly on the mantle and that lasted 3 days before Hurricane Michael came through. Now I am pretty proud that it lasted that long but I know that if I pick it up he will pull it all down tomorrow and ... [ Read More ]

Back Away From the Chocolate

don't touch my chocolate

You know how dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate right?  Well can that same rule apply to babies almost toddlers? I have a fabulous friend, Lauren, and she got me that best chocolate in the world for my birthday.  You would think that she was trying to seduce me by gifting this rich and ... [ Read More ]