Dark Side of Potty Training

The dark side of potty training boys.

“Don’t play with your penis at the dinner table.” “Don’t pee on the wall!” “Hang on, I have to wipe your butt!” “Just pull down your pants and pee on the tree.” I received the cleaning products mentioned in this potty training story for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group […]

8 Pregnancy Facts {Advent Calendar Day 5}

8 Pregnancy facts that will leave you wishing you had Superman underwear on your head #winewithmallery

Pregnancy facts are my inspiration for day 5 of the advent calendar! Weird? You betcha. Relevant? Absolutely! Michael has been acting a fool lately and I have no farking idea why. A toddler that won’t sleep boils down to no showers. No showers means I’m a greasy monkey. Being a greasy monkey means I can’t […]

Poop Goes Fffrrpppppppttttttt?

Apple juice or poop juice is the Fffrrpppppppttttttt question #motherfunny #shop #cbias

I had an entire Thanksgiving themed post concocted about what I am thankful for, yadda-yadda, and wasn’t feeling it at all because you got a pretty good motherhood rant a few days ago. You know me and if it isn’t flowing, it ain’t gonna happen. But then something miraculous took place, as I was preparing […]

Toddler Tantrum Coping Mechanism

Caramel, chocolate, vanilla iced latte 'ice cream' for dealing with toddler tantrums

Believe it or not, I experienced a toddler tantrum that had me considering an iced latte for its sweet treat capabilities; the largest cup of coffee I could purchase to get my mind racing; and booze to make me forget about the toddler tantrum Michael graced me with this morning. I’m soooo dramatic, but seriously, I […]

Going Upnorth One Last Time

It turns out Leah likes going upnorth just as much as the rest of us

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jel Sert for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Going upnorth is a bit of a Michigan thing and evokes a feeling of nostalgia when ‘going upnorth‘ is paired with ‘one last time’. You see, ‘one last time’ means school is starting and the weather […]