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Aug 21

2013 Mitten Moms Conference

Phew! Mitten Moms Conference marks the end of my crazy season of blogging and I survived! I survived the conference season madness, and I must say the masochist in me liked it. Hanging out with my besties cancels out the lack of sleep and fewer slots on my editorial calendar because I was able to drink …

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Mar 13

Imaginary Friends Come to Life at SoFabCon

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a minute- my so called imaginary friends. I have friends. In fact, I have oodles of friends who I’m pretty sure are real life boys and girls. I just haven’t met said friends because they live in my computer. Please hear me out before you ship …

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Mar 08

Why I Suck at Being a Blogger Friend

Let me tell you why I suck at being a blogger friend. What’s there to lose? I already survived my ‘why I suck at being a wife‘ confession. Have you ever heard the word overcommit? I am a serial over committer when it comes to things that don’t pay the bills or pay in wine. Let …

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Feb 02

Tips to Set & Hit Your Blogging Goals Quicker

I don’t even know where to begin this post because I am that blown away with the support from everyone. I never dreamed I would hit my blogging goals so soon this year, let alone need to make a new blogging growth plan! I honestly thought I would meet my modest page view goal of …

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Jan 02

Horrible Housewife Blogging Statistics & Top Posts for 2012

Are you ready for some Horrible Housewife blogging statistics? I hope you said yes because you are getting them regardless. Everyone says there are two things guaranteed in life- death and taxes. I would like to amend that phrase and add resolutions to that list. There is always a laundry list of: I’m going to the …

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Aug 28

The Secret Sisterhood of Bloggers

I need to get sappy for a minute here. I will be done with my monthly bleed by the end of this post so hang tight. We all love swag, money and recognition but there are a few more rewarding aspects in this Mom Blogger thing. Actually, the juicy goodness of what I do isn’t …

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Aug 27

A Mom’s Life is Rated R Because of Poopy Breasts

One of my Blogger friends shared this fun little quiz with me and for shits and giggles I plugged in Mallery’s Deals and got a rated R! Wahhh??? I was rated R back in May because of these words: poop (6x), dangerous (4x), breast (3x), kill (2x) and bomb (1x). This is a frugal living blog …

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Aug 17

Does Zebra Scare Brands?

Is zebra print too loud or is it a good way to describe someone’s personality? I thought about this today as I was actually getting dressed for work. Crazy concept right? Today I had a video conference call with an advertising agency so I needed to look somewhat presentable. I love zebra print, leopard print …

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Aug 13

Fast Food, It’s What’s For Dinner!

Story of my life lately… We had pizza TWICE last week. We had Arby’s once and we have even had Taco Bell recently but I can’t remember when because everything is blurring together. So shoot me. I had a post topic for the past three days and some pretty kick ass topics if I do …

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Aug 10

Ever Had a Work-Gasm?

This is how I feel this week! Holy heck am I ready for a mini vacation. Did you know National Relaxation Day is 8/15? I just might go offline that day… who am I kidding? That is a lie and everyone knows it. Him “When do I get my Wife back?” Me “Next week.” Him …

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