Fast Food, It’s What’s For Dinner!

Why do they want dinner EVERY night

Story of my life lately... We had pizza TWICE last week. We had Arby's once and we have even had Taco Bell recently but I can't remember when because everything is blurring together. So shoot me. I had a post topic for the past three days and some pretty kick ass topics if I do say so! They ... [ Read More ]

Ever Had a Work-Gasm?

I see all these Moms who can do everything

This is how I feel this week! Holy heck am I ready for a mini vacation. Did you know National Relaxation Day is 8/15? I just might go offline that day... who am I kidding? That is a lie and everyone knows it. Him "When do I get my Wife back?" Me "Next week." Him "You say that every week." Me ... [ Read More ]

I Fail at Being a Housewife

always wake up 2 hours before our husband so you can shower

I was Googling the word housewife to see where I ranked with that word, in case you care it wasn't good, and I find a link that is talking about How to be a 1950's Housewife. This is where I pull out my favorite phrase, 'Bull F-ing S*it'. Seriously though, it is my favorite phrase if I think you are ... [ Read More ]

Next Stop… Alone Time

motherhood is not cooking, cleaning and cartoons

Do you ever feel like your life consists of bottles, diapers, Disney cartoons, cooking and cleaning?  Do you ever feel like nobody understands you if you are a Stay at Home Mom or even a Work at Home Mom?  Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch I am not about to talk about the whole debate of ... [ Read More ]