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Tag Archive: Money Saving Tips

Jul 30

Birthday Celebration Made Easy- Cars Dream Party

What little boy wouldn’t consider a Disney Cars dream party the best birthday celebration EVER? Answer- not many. Call me crazy but Michael gets two birthday celebrations for years where his birthday doesn’t fall on a Saturday. This was the year I cheated on Michael’s ‘day of birth’ celebration. This was the year I wised …

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Jul 11

From Dumbphone to Smartphone

I am so excited for my mom to ditch her dumbphone! Squeee, she is FINALLY getting a smartphone after many conversations like this! Me- “Mom, c’mon, you have a daughter who is a blogger for her profession and you are using a dinosaur!” Her- “My phone does what I need it to do.” Me- Sigh… I do …

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Jun 17

Are Cheap Wireless Plans Possible?

Cheap Wireless Plans are like unicorns, a very rare and magical concept, something people dream about these days. And you bet the Schuplin household could stand to have some unicorns… err… cheap wireless plans in their life!  Our better late than never California honeymoon is happening this fall and that means it’s time to fill …

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Jan 03

Chicken Pasta with a Twist of Flavor Recipe

Let’s be real for a minute. You know, because I’m not as real as it gets already. I waste a TON of food, so much wasted food! Michael and I play a game of chicken when it comes time to cleaning out the fridge. After a month of avoidance, it goes a little something like …

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Aug 30

Green Party Decorations From Limes

How many different party decorations can I make with food? As many colors as there are in the rainbow of course! I have my go to vases for my decorations. I will buy foods that fit the theme and Viola! I get some pretty odd combinations but they seem to work. Have you checked out …

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Aug 16

Growing Potatoes Indoors

So I was reading the other day because I do occasionally do that in my non-existent free time. You know, when I am on the throne and Michael is contained is his gated community. Poor kid. I got this genius idea to try and grow a potato indoors because my green onions and my garlic haven’t …

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Aug 04

Growing Garlic Indoors

It’s finally time for the follow up to my post about painting my garlic pot! I love, love, love garlic but I hate paying for it so I am attempting to grow indoors. This is just an experiment but all of the research that I have read online says that it really is possible. Fingers …

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Jul 19

Yellow Party Decorations From Lemons

Remember how I mentioned that I had a birthday recently? Yay for being 25!  Well did you know that my whole party was pretty much yellow?  Yep, everything from the decorations, food and even our outfits were yellow! <~~ Weirdos, I know. All I can think of when I see lemons in a jar is, …

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Jul 11

The Never-Ending Green Onion

I can’t garden to save my life and I have already told you about my peat pot failure this year.  So when I stumbled upon a gardening post that looked idiot proof I wasn’t about to forget it.  If I can grow green onions in my house then anyone out there is fully capable of …

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