Space Themed Baby Food Jar Gifts

Space sugar scrub jars for baby shower gifts

My Sister is having a Star Wars themed baby shower and in an effort to keep the cost down, while still humoring her nontraditional theme, I got crafty! In case you haven't looked around, Star Wars anything is a drain on the pocketbook! OY! I made some pretty cool centerpieces using baby food jars ... [ Read More ]

From Plastic Tub to Garlic Garden

painted plastic pot turned into a container garden

I can promise you that there are no vampires in our house with the amount of garlic that we consume. I hate running out of garlic and I really, really hate buying garlic since it is a plant that I should be able to grow myself- right? I guess I could kill it but my green onions did good! My ... [ Read More ]

Baby Food Jar Jell-O Shots

baby food jar Jell-O shots

It is summer time and that means parties! Parties mean drinks whether it is a mocktail or a cocktail!  Presentation makes everything more fun right?! I love my Painters pens and I am trying to find every excuse imaginable to repurpose my old baby food jars. I swear I have hundreds of them! I ... [ Read More ]

Paint Stick Garden Markers with Elmer’s Painters

basil paint stick garden marker

I mentioned recently that I am on the board of my HOA and we are putting in a community garden so I volunteered to make our garden markers! It might be for selfish reasons but I just might be ready to marry my Painters Paint Pens! The supplies are simple: Spray paint Painters Paint ... [ Read More ]