There’s a Philips Hue Party In My House

If you have WiFi you can turn on or change the color of your Philips Hue lightbulbs. #shop #cbias

Once upon a time, there was a gadget loving girl in search of the newest and greatest gadget on the market. This girl took a trip down to the Apple Store for a Philips Hue Starter Pack and her life was never the same again. Warning: The wireless lighting I am about to tell you about […]

Rachael’s Maternity Photo Shoot {Photo Bomb}

Maternity photo shoot- mommy and daddy heart

We are going to start off the maternity photo shoot recap with something predictable traditional per the request of the daddy. Do you know how I know Rachael is my sister? She didn’t even touch up her nails for her photo shoot. What is the best thing about being underweight when you get knocked up? […]

Life is Like a Camera Focus on Food Porn

Life is a camera

Sometimes I get discouraged with my pictures because anyone who cares anything about their work is hard on themselves. Michael even knows that I get a ‘tone‘ when I am disappointed with myself. “It’s OK” means I am not going to deliver what I want and is accompanied by a mellow attitude. Drama Queen much?! For example: […]

Fast Food, It’s What’s For Dinner!

Why do they want dinner EVERY night

Story of my life lately… We had pizza TWICE last week. We had Arby’s once and we have even had Taco Bell recently but I can’t remember when because everything is blurring together. So shoot me. I had a post topic for the past three days and some pretty kick ass topics if I do […]

How to Adjust the Aperture on a Nikon D50

horrible housewife's photo tip

You know when you get used to something and you just do it without thinking? That is sort of where I am with taking pictures. I knew I was missing something but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I was frustrated. You are wondering, “Why didn’t you just ask? Isn’t there a […]

Balance Your Pictures Using Pixlr (Levels Tip)

Editing photos using pixlr

Everything looks better to the naked eye and that beauty doesn’t always translate over to a picture no matter how hard you try to make the perfect indoor setting. Here is a little tip that I recently learned to help balance your pictures out and any newbie (AKA Me) can do it. Using Pixlr, open […]