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Aug 19

Grilled Nutella S’mores Recipe

Since I made these Grilled Nutella S’mores back in May I have been an addict; they are like my crack! Or perhaps I am just into the hazelnut, 21 grams of sugary goodness that is Nutella. Yeah baby! This treat is so simple that you could whip one up any day of the week and …

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Aug 07

Mini Sprinkle Brownie Cupcakes

These Mini Sprinkle Brownie Cupcakes were a happy mistake this past weekend. I meant to make another batch of brownie balls because I didn’t get picture of them at Michael’s birthday party but I failed. They sat out too long while I waited for my slave Michael to go get me more sprinkles and they …

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Aug 01

Grilled Chicken Hobo Dinner

I have been grilling a lot lately because of the photography class that I am in right now. As I am grilling all of these delightful meals, I realized that sometimes simple is better! Actually, simple is always better so I pulled out something that we used to make over the campfire; Hobo Dinner! Think …

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Jul 26

Funfetti Cake Batter Rice Krispies Treats

  Did you check out the retro looking cupcakes that I made for Michael’s first birthday last week? Well I told you that this recipe doubled as some cake batter Rice Krispies treats so here is me delivering on that promise! They were so much better than the yellow cake batter treats that I made; …

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Jul 20

Funfetti Cupcakes with Colorful Frosting

Funfetti cake mix + Rice Krispies = Amazing! In case you didn’t already know, I am a Rice Krispies treat fanatic and they were even my breakfast this morning!  Not the cereal; I am talking about the gooey goodness that is in a bar.  This post isn’t about Rice Krispies treats, that post will come …

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