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Feb 26

Star Wars Birthday Party

I don’t know about you guys but I am over all of the Star Wars birthday party ideas flooding Pinterest and Etsy. Don’t get me wrong, I used similar concepts in my Star Wars baby shower but they are very childlike and sooo not what I wanted for this party. Nope! I wanted to get Star Wars …

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Feb 06

Star Wars Cake

Soooo, I have this sister who sort of loves Star Wars. And by sort of, I mean she pops a lady boner at the sight anything Star Wars. Heck, she demanded stole my Star Wars keychain swag right out from under my offspring because, yanno, what 2 year old could possibly appreciate something so majestic? …

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Apr 16

Star Wars Photo Shoot

Who doesn’t spend their Saturdays knee deep in a Star Wars photo shoot? You can’t possibly be surprised we nerded out this hardcore after my Star Wars manicures yesterday. Scratch that. You can’t possibly be surprised at ANYTHING I say or do anymore. You guys have officially crossed over to the real life friends category and …

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Apr 15

Star Wars Nail Art Party

Are you prepared for some Star Wars nail art? Don’t be a Sithy, you know you want to walk around slapping gently patting your loved ones as you make lightsaber sounds. “But now we must eat. Come, good food, come…” Star Wars: Episode V  You guys know I throw a mean party where I stress over every-single-detail, …

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Dec 01

Wine with Mallery- Advent Calendar & Sassy Hair Accessories

Welcome to the first ever Wine with Mallery! This horribly awesome idea stemmed from a Facebook post of a wine Advent Calendar; genius I tell ya! Then I had a brilliant idea to combine two of my obsessions: hair accessories and wine for the mac daddy of all ideas… a video series! Wine with Mallery …

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Nov 04

How to Host a Star Wars Baby Shower

In case you haven’t heard, the Star Wars baby shower was a total success! Rachael said she was pleased with the way everything came out so it was a win in that department. I won’t even try to lie to you and say that preparing this Star Wars baby shower was enjoyable. The journey up …

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Oct 27

Rachael’s Maternity Photo Shoot {Photo Bomb}

We are going to start off the maternity photo shoot recap with something predictable traditional per the request of the daddy. Do you know how I know Rachael is my sister? She didn’t even touch up her nails for her photo shoot. What is the best thing about being underweight when you get knocked up? …

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Oct 11

DIY Star Wars Car Seat Cover

I love this Star Wars car seat cover and you can’t complain when it is only $12 to make. These covers can retail anywhere from $20-40 in a store or online, not to mention the whole Star Wars theme adds a premium. I wish I had one of these when Michael was younger. I will …

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Oct 09

DIY Star Wars Crib Bumper

This crib bumper turned out much better than I anticipated. I was so proud of it when I stepped back to look at it because I really didn’t know how it was going to look when it was done. I have learned that I am pretty awful at measuring things and drawing straight lines. It …

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Oct 09

DIY Star Wars Bibs

There are actually 5 of these galaxy print bibs. We just have some things at Granny’s house and some things at my house right now so I couldn’t take a complete picture. These bibs match her burp cloths and are lined with a fleece back. They are $1.20 each.   EDIT 10/11/2012 The star bibs …

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