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Jul 09

Starting Seeds Indoors is Easier Than You Think!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I did it! Starting seeds indoors has been a partial success for the Schuplin household, not to mention the plants are STILL alive in my garden. You see, I fully expected to fail because my thumb …

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Sep 12

Growling Garlic in a Pot {1 Month Update}

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good news- It would appear that I am growing garlic in a pot! Bad news- Only 2 out of the 3 bulbs sprouted and the 2 that did sprout look like they are barely hanging on.  I think the problem my garlic plants were …

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Sep 05

I Fail at Growing Potatoes Indoors

I was not successful at growing potatoes indoors and I am not surprised. I cut the potatoes so that they would callus before planting them and I regret doing that because they rotted and I currently have a bunch of rotting potatoes on my window sill. Perhaps I was just thinking that the potato fairy …

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Sep 01

Using Recycled Cans to Plant Green Onions

Last week there was a stench in my house that I could just not find and after some help from people on Horrible Housewife’s Facebook page I figured it out! It was my green onions in water that was causing a stink in the kitchen! Maybe it was because I had too much water in …

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Aug 16

Growing Potatoes Indoors

So I was reading the other day because I do occasionally do that in my non-existent free time. You know, when I am on the throne and Michael is contained is his gated community. Poor kid. I got this genius idea to try and grow a potato indoors because my green onions and my garlic haven’t …

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Aug 04

Growing Garlic Indoors

It’s finally time for the follow up to my post about painting my garlic pot! I love, love, love garlic but I hate paying for it so I am attempting to grow indoors. This is just an experiment but all of the research that I have read online says that it really is possible. Fingers …

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Jul 31

From Plastic Tub to Garlic Garden

I can promise you that there are no vampires in our house with the amount of garlic that we consume. I hate running out of garlic and I really, really hate buying garlic since it is a plant that I should be able to grow myself- right? I guess I could kill it but my …

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Jul 29

There Just Might Be Hope For My Garden!

This Memorial Day weekend we spent 3 days outside wasting time and money trying to beautify our yard. I knew that it would be ugly this year because we bought from the clearance section of Lowe’s and some of our hostas were transplants from Michael’s Mother’s house. I never would have predicted that we would get a …

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Jul 05

When Peat Pots Fail

I have a lot of lessons to learn in life and one of them just happens to be about gardening.  I feel like a moron but what can you do about it now? Michigan had some mind blowing weather in the middle of March this year and all the animals came out of hibernation to …

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