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Dec 03

Getting Back in Shape {Advent Calendar Day 3}

Farkkkkk me, I need to get back into shape! You guys, a wine advent calendar is a bit of an oxymoron when it comes to getting back in shape but tis the season to be pudgy- fa la la la la. Wine is a fruit, right? No? Wahhhhh! My hard body dreams might be crushed! Whyyyy me? Getting …

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Sep 12

Losing Blubber with YouTube Fitness

“Blub, blub, blub, blub.”  That’s the sound of my blubber growing at a wicked rate of WHOA! It’s the sound of my gun show being swapped out for a BINGO wave. The sound proving how insanely busy my summer was. But, I assure you, the fashion police need not be alerted, I keep a few articles of …

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Aug 20

Shopping My Way to a Kettlebell Workout

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.” I already confessed my love for kettlebell workouts, along with my lack of working out this summer in a previous post so I …

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Aug 14

Cow Who Needs a Kettlebell

My gym log is absolutely pitiful right  now. I haven’t picked up a Kettlebell or stepped into a gym IN OVER A MONTH! A WHOLE MONTH! That means I am practically a cow caused by my recent onset of puffiness. No lie, Michael even let the grass grow out for me so I can go out …

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May 15

The Day I Became One of Them

I never thought I would become ‘one of them’. I never thought I would willingly give up most of the things my household holds so dear to their heart: frosting, ice cream, etc. I have officially become one of those moms who fusses over nutritional labels, food dyes, and …GASP… ingredients. I’m talking about one …

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Mar 22

Green Juice Recipe & Weight Loss

Are you ready for another green juice recipe and weigh in? Sure you are because, you know, this post is 4 days late. You see, I had this sinus plague thing going on and kept sucking it (mucus) up. Michael even came down on me a few times for dragging my tail around the house, …

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Mar 12

Weight Loss One Juice Recipe at a Time

Juices recipes are all the rage right now in my circle of friends. Each one of us is juicing for different reasons and it all leads back to one thing, our health. You are probably thinking there is no way the world’s pickiest eater drinks green juice every day. Trust me when I say Michael couldn’t believe …

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Mar 04

Food Cravings- Meet Saffron & Super Seeds

I said goodbye to my Goldfish food cravings last week! Woo hoo! I finally decided to drop the fishies when I saw the pictures in my fashion guru post… I was CRANK-EE! I was so cranky that I lit into Michael like he was a 4th of July firework because he wanted me to try …

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Feb 25

Getting My Ba Donk a Donk Back

It’s week 5 of healthy living and my weight loss journey hasn’t been good if you are looking at the scale. If you are looking at my ba donk a donk then you might say this weight loss journey is going very well! Did you know men use the phrase ‘mom butt’ when talking about a …

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Feb 18

Weight Loss Setbacks

I am fed up with my weight loss setbacks! Whether the setback comes in the form of a funeral, the plague, crazy deadlines, or spur of the moment appointments; setbacks are no longer welcomed here! Good riddance! I have an appointment to get my feathers clipped because these arm wings are getting out of hand. …

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