Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 27

Paleo Sandwich Buns & Tilapia Cakes

Paleo sandwiches exist! It’s true! Paleo sandwiches even have bread, and good stuff like… bread in them! You should definitely be excited right now because I am about to show you how to make something so delicious you will find yourself telling your toddler to go have a sucker because ‘these are big people snacks’. …

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Jun 25

6 Paleo Party Foods with a Gluten Free Treat

Paleo party food might make you and your guests groan a little bit but, dudes, it’s not that bad. True story. It might take some cajoling to get your guests to try your party food because… well… we have trained ourselves to expect beer and pizza at birthday parties. Who even came up with that idea? …

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Jun 24

Mustache Paleo Red Velvet Cookie Recipe

Paleo red velvet cookies do exist and if you ask me they are quite delicious. Now, how about we up the paleo cookie ante a little bit by making mustache paleo red velvet cookies? I double dog dare you to create this rare cookie breed of epic proportions. (Okay, I might be exaggerating a little but epic proportions …

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Jun 17

Are Cheap Wireless Plans Possible?

Cheap Wireless Plans are like unicorns, a very rare and magical concept, something people dream about these days. And you bet the Schuplin household could stand to have some unicorns… err… cheap wireless plans in their life!  Our better late than never California honeymoon is happening this fall and that means it’s time to fill …

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Jun 16

Welcome to My Fellow Dishwasher OCD Friends

I have dishwasher OCD thanks to the Cascade I received from Mom Central Consulting. There I said it, I am crazy anal about very few things in my life, and it just so happens the  dishwasher is one of them. Although, in my defense, my dishwasher OCD is very similar to my closet OCD because …

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Jun 12

Summer Fashion For the Modern Day & Lazy Housewife

Alert the press! Get ready to live tweet! Are you ready to Instagram this? Summer fashion has hit the blog, THIS blog! And no, you don’t have to adjust your screen resolution because I’m not playin‘. Getting dressed is the newest crazy concept I am trying on for size (ba-dum-tshh) and it isn’t as painful …

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Jun 10

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Super Foods

Super foods or fast food? Bloating or regular bowel movements? Non-GMO, organic, vegan, gluten free or a chemical feeding frenzy? Those are serious questions to think about when you are traveling, and I realized how incredibly easy it is for that line to blur when you are the ONLY person who cares about these things in …

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Jun 07

Toddler Says is BACK with So Much to Say!

This post brought to you by Allstate. All opinions are 100% mine. Toddler says… mama Toddler says… dada Toddler says… hi Toddler says… bye bye Toddler says… gaga (grandma) Toddler says… nana Toddler says… cheers? One of you guys should have given me the heads up that toddler words are like a waterfall, they come …

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Jun 03

Wi-Fi Cameras Save the Day

Wi-Fi cameras have always been my unicorn of photography, with good reason because a Wi-Fi camera is what you would call an enabling device for someone who is ALREADY a workaholic. And by workaholic I mean I have an upstairs and downstairs workstation. I mean I wake up to a tablet on my nightstand and …

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