Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 31

From Plastic Tub to Garlic Garden

I can promise you that there are no vampires in our house with the amount of garlic that we consume. I hate running out of garlic and I really, really hate buying garlic since it is a plant that I should be able to grow myself- right? I guess I could kill it but my …

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Jul 30

I Fail at Being a Housewife

I was Googling the word housewife to see where I ranked with that word, in case you care it wasn’t good, and I find a link that is talking about How to be a 1950′s Housewife. This is where I pull out my favorite phrase, ‘Bull F-ing S*it’. Seriously though, it is my favorite phrase …

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Jul 29

There Just Might Be Hope For My Garden!

This Memorial Day weekend we spent 3 days outside wasting time and money trying to beautify our yard. I knew that it would be ugly this year because we bought from the clearance section of Lowe’s and some of our hostas were transplants from Michael’s Mother’s house. I never would have predicted that we would get a …

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Jul 28

Getting Your Shot at Night {White Balance Photo Tip}

What is one of the best things in photography? Using NATURAL LIGHT! Seriously, put your flash away if you are taking product and food shots. No one likes blown out anything but food… it is supposed to look appetizing or your post will fail. These photos look bad right? Well, let’s just say that I …

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Jul 27

The Never-Ending Battle of Picking Up Toys

Serious question here- How often do you pick up toys? I had all of Michael’s birthday gifts stacked neatly on the mantle and that lasted 3 days before Hurricane Michael came through. Now I am pretty proud that it lasted that long but I know that if I pick it up he will pull it …

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Jul 26

Funfetti Cake Batter Rice Krispies Treats

  Did you check out the retro looking cupcakes that I made for Michael’s first birthday last week? Well I told you that this recipe doubled as some cake batter Rice Krispies treats so here is me delivering on that promise! They were so much better than the yellow cake batter treats that I made; …

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Jul 25

Baby Food Jar Jell-O Shots

It is summer time and that means parties! Parties mean drinks whether it is a mocktail or a cocktail!  Presentation makes everything more fun right?! I love my Painters pens and I am trying to find every excuse imaginable to repurpose my old baby food jars. I swear I have hundreds of them! I took …

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Jul 24

Getting My Drug Fix One Month at a Time

Where’s Mallery? No, I didn’t overdose on pills and I am not a pill junky but I do shoot up every month. I had a whirlwind of a weekend since Michael’s first birthday party was Saturday and I had just about everyone that I know at my house. Sunday I caught up on my very …

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Jul 22

The Poopy Crib

{First off, let me say that this picture is horrible but it was with my phone in a terribly lit room so don’t judge.} Does anyone know what this is?  It is POOP… in the crib!  Let me explain to you what I have been dealing with lately and you can give me your thoughts. …

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Jul 20

Funfetti Cupcakes with Colorful Frosting

Funfetti cake mix + Rice Krispies = Amazing! In case you didn’t already know, I am a Rice Krispies treat fanatic and they were even my breakfast this morning!  Not the cereal; I am talking about the gooey goodness that is in a bar.  This post isn’t about Rice Krispies treats, that post will come …

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