Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 31

Uncle Kyle is Headed to Afghanistan

I have been sitting at the computer all day debating on the direction for my third and final Kleenex Hand Towel post. I failed to mention the Tonka Truck birthday party was also acting as the last time I would see Kyle before he left for Afghanistan because I don’t deal until it is time …

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Jul 30

Birthday Celebration Made Easy- Cars Dream Party

What little boy wouldn’t consider a Disney Cars dream party the best birthday celebration EVER? Answer- not many. Call me crazy but Michael gets two birthday celebrations for years where his birthday doesn’t fall on a Saturday. This was the year I cheated on Michael’s ‘day of birth’ celebration. This was the year I wised …

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Jul 29

Gluten Free Snacks for Flying

I try my hardest to find gluten free snacks to eat during trips. Honest. Putting me in an airport when I’m hungry and telling me not to indulge in sodium and sugar is like telling a toddler it’s nap time and he can’t sleep with his babies. Meltdown mode. You will find my previous eating …

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Jul 22

Tonka Truck Birthday Party Crafts & Bathroom Essentials

These Tonka Truck birthday party crafts are going to out yet another one of my many OCD tendencies. Are you ready for this madness? I am a party crazy. I’m talking I was a straight up whack job when it came to the Tonka Truck birthday party crafts. I am overly anal about every-little-detail, like all …

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Jul 19

My Toddler is Officially a Terrible Two

Terrible Twos – Tiny Bipolar Human – Little Walking Nightmare Blessing One day Michael is going to grow up and stumble upon this post and either A) Hate me. B) Hate me. C) Demand more allowance. D) Be a chill dude because he realizes how much I love him. Before he find this post, though, …

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Jul 18

Tonka Truck Birthday Party Menu

You might have heard I’m throwing a Tonka Truck birthday party. Just maybe. Maybe you have experienced one of my many Tonka Truck birthday party pictures tagged with #schuplinparty? Oh, and if you couldn’t tell by flood of party promotion, I’m pretty geeked for the party. I’m talking about as excited as school girl dancing around in …

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Jul 15

Bathroom Etiquette for the Not So Perfect Couple

Let’s talk bathroom etiquette for a minute… You’re sitting with your friends and all of a sudden, the putrid smell of rotten eggs starts to burn your nostrils. Oh my goodness, who did that? Do you just ignore it to save the stinky culprit from embarrassment, or point out the foul smelling elephant in the …

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Jul 11

From Dumbphone to Smartphone

I am so excited for my mom to ditch her dumbphone! Squeee, she is FINALLY getting a smartphone after many conversations like this! Me- “Mom, c’mon, you have a daughter who is a blogger for her profession and you are using a dinosaur!” Her- “My phone does what I need it to do.” Me- Sigh… I do …

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Jul 09

Snack Healthier with GMO Free Popcorn

Yes, I make Michael eat GMO free popcorn, what of it? I’m pretty happy with our clean(er) eating progress, that is, until we get to our areas of indulgence, aka snacking. Between late school nights and super party planning, the Schuplins are crazy busy this summer. Crazy busy, I tell ya! And that means a …

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Jul 09

Starting Seeds Indoors is Easier Than You Think!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I did it! Starting seeds indoors has been a partial success for the Schuplin household, not to mention the plants are STILL alive in my garden. You see, I fully expected to fail because my thumb …

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