Paleo party food- bacon wrapped pineapple, fruit bowls, stuffed mushrooms, bacon chocolate, vegetables, deviled eggs

Paleo party food might make you and your guests groan a little bit but, dudes, it’s not that bad. True story. It might take some cajoling to get your guests to try your party food because… well… we have trained ourselves to expect beer and pizza at birthday parties. Who even came up with that idea? Beer is N to the ASTY!


Paleo party food idea- rainbow fruit bowls

A fruit bowl from the actual fruit is a bit of a pain in the tuckus to create but the presentation is worth it a million times over. Don’t even play like my fruit bowls aren’t adorable because they are and will absolutely be making an appearance at Michael’s 2nd birthday party!

Paleo party food idea- bacon wrapped pineapple

Hands down the gem of the fruit bar was the pineapple wrapped in bacon! Everyone LOVED it and it was the first thing to disappear from the party spread. I really wasn’t surprised. I cooked the bacon in the microwave so it didn’t get crunchy (the only way to eat bacon) to the point of not being able to wrap it around the pineapple.

Just amazing.

Paleo party food idea- decorative vases with chopped up vegetables

Hold up because I know what you are thinking…

Clearly I am aware that ranch dressing isn’t paleo, but I had to substitute the next best thing for the guests, as well as the sake of time. I did serve Marzetti’s Simply Dressed ranch because it is gluten free and seemed to have fewer ‘bad things’ in it than other ranch options. I guess we will consider the ranch part of the 20%? ?

Note: I am still new to paleo and completely open to ranch-like suggestions!

Paleo party food idea- sausage and spinach stuffed mushrooms

There are no words to describe the level of excitement from Michael when he found out I was making stuffed mushrooms, let alone sausage stuffed mushrooms! I can’t eat mushrooms unless they are at least chopped up because the texture, oh the texture, kills me! Yuck!

These bad boys are a party hostess’ dream because you can prep them ahead of time and spend a whopping 15 minutes on them the day of the party.

You’re welcome in advance!

Paleo party food idea- homemade bacon chocolate

Homemade chocolate with bacon… nuff said.

  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 cup coconut butter
  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • Melt the honey and butter in a double boiler before adding the cocoa. Stir it all together, pour into a pan, and top with chopped up bacon.
  • Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am!
Paleo party food idea- serve gluten free snacks for your guests who don't follow a paleo lifestyle

Soooo… yeah… this totally isn’t a paleo cake even though I know how to make paleo cakes. My mother in law loves to bring the cake because she has this fabulous cake place by her house and it saves me some time prepping for the party. She did have the place make a gluten free cake and it was tasty, so I gladly gave it space in our 20% allowance!

And for the record, I wasn’t a total party food jerk because we did have burgers on gluten free buns from Udi’s.

Paleo party food idea- sausage and spinach deviled eggs

Can you believe I hard boiled my first egg at the age of 25? True, and yet very sad, story. I wanted to create the avocado deviled eggs recipe linked above but it dried out because I prepped it early. Womp! I wasn’t lying when I said I was brand spankin’ new to deviled eggs!

So what does a pressed for time party planner do? She stuffs those eggs with the sausage mix from the mushrooms and calls it a day! Heck yes!

I hope you guys enjoy these dishes as much as we did!

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