My name is Allie. I run a business, a few blogs, and a household of 2 unruly children and 4 animals (including my husband).

I plan events for a living. I love pretty things like sparkly lights, gorgeous cocktails, and well-stocked bookshelves (stocked with books I will read “soon”). I also love beer (IPAs, please), happy hour with friends, all-things events, and my girls’ giggles.

A bit more about me:

I’m a huge overthinker. And, my mind is ALWAYS going. It’s a curse.

I am obsessed with all things planning, planners, schedules, calendars, and lists. I always use a PaperMate Flair felt pen.

I’m a horrible housewife. Meal planning, “keeping up the house”, and doing laundry are NOT MY THING.

Because I own my own business, I determine my own schedule, and every single day is different.

I have a daughter with a severe developmental disability. And epilepsy.

FYI, I took over this blog in 2021, so some of the posts are written by my predecessor, who seems like a fantastic lady. She and I have completely different styles. She’s MUCH funnier than I am. I haven’t met her, but she must be lovely. She poured her heart and soul into this blog before I came along. So, if you see some posts that have a different feel, that’s why.

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