Yeah, so, affordable fashion gets me in trouble. Like a lot of trouble. Like I needed a dress for my bestie’s wedding and walked out of Sears with two because they were priced right. Well, that and I sometimes have a hard time deciding which Kardashian sister I want to grow up and be like. Talk about a wicked Kim and Kourtney identity crisis!

Affordable fashion from Sears makes it easy to emulate the Kardashian sisters #ThisisStyle #shop #cbias

You are going to spit your wine on your computer screen when I confess something to you, so swallow now.


I took most of the summer off from shopping!

Pause. Process. Wipe your tears.

It’s true. Our weekend family trips to Sears were replaced with gardening and fishing. Gardening! I feel so dirty admitting I cheated on my Sears obsession with OUTDOOR activities. The horror!

The Kardashian Kollection at Sears makes affordable fashion for wedding season easy #ThisisStyle #shop #cbias


Figure out which sister you relate the most with: Kim and her bombshell hips, Kourtney and her laid back mom style, or Khloe and her on the go style. After you have the hard part done, go to Sears and make a beeline to the Kardashian Kollection. Something you might not know if you aren’t a Kollection addict like myself, you will find outfits to suit all three sisters. Every personality is represented and is probably why I focus so much attention to the Kollection. Not to mention, it is the definition of affordable fashion. There is always a sale and the Shop Your Way Rewards program is UH-mazing!

The Kardashian Kollection at Sears isn't just affordable fashion. The Kardashian sisters also created a gorgeous line of jewlery! #ThisisStyle #shop #cbias

Let’s not forget about the pretties! Wearing a little black dress means you can be as loud as you would like in the jewelry department! Get down with your bad self and pick out something fun! Kardashian jewelry is in line with affordable fashion because it is on sale every time I go shopping. Telling myself I can only purchase one new bauble is oh so painful!

You will wow wedding guests when you tell them where you purchased your affordable fashion #ThisisStyle #shop #cbias

The most important step in pulling off a Kardashian look is to channel your inner Kardashian swagger. For real. Turn up My Humps as you are getting ready for the event and dance around in your skivvies! Heck, shake it to My Goodies if that is more your speed! Just don’t tell me you jammed to My Goodies because… yeah… I would like to remain friends.

And a special note to all of my fellow junk in the trunk women, try on a peplum dress and be amazed at how easy it is to fit Kim’s style into your life. Trust me. I think I tried on 10 different Kim inspired dresses, loving all of them, but settled on this one because of the balance between the sexy slit scoop neckline and classy color. It even scored me multiple compliments!


Every woman needs a little black dress in their closet that falls in the affordable fashion category. #ThisisStyle #shop #cbias



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